This is a custom story made for Pewdiepie and his bros.

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Bringing all of Amnesia mapping down with him/her.

Map Design:

The map designs were very well made, although, they were not as well executed. There were multiple bugs and clipping textures.



The scares were all jump scares, and I was severely dissapointed. They could have been much more executed with the map designs.



For a pewdiepie story, the story was actually very well made. Although, there were multiple grammar and punctuation errors that made it unpleasant.


umbakarna says

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Alongside with Pewdiepies revenge this is best Pewdiepie-based custom story. Considering that majority of youtuber-based stories are very bad, this is GOOD. It has its issues but seriously most of youtuber-based stories you expect glitching walls, 5 minutes of gameplay with terrible level design.
This one has good ideas like the Ao Oni or sir Barrel - a Lot, it may be dumb but it is also fun.

Nice story
Now I can pretend I'm PewDiePie!

Great mod! Really funny and scarfy jumpscares.

Great map! The only thing I would change is some of the voice acting which is a little weird XD Not by pewdie btw, oh and also some of the scripted actions repeat if you walk back to the previous location :)
I's got to be a 9/10 from me, and I love the talking bros!

1. To many glitches, Like?
1.1 when you remove the box you see the candle flying
1.2 when you move the ''Bro'' You got stuck and you cannot kill hem with the knife.
Your permanent stuck you have to Restart the story )
1.3 when you clicked more then 3 times on Pig the sound keeps looping
( limit )
1.4 dont fall behind the piano...

2. Multiple jumpscares notting else then that = horrible horror

3. Can't believe or you guys.
that i'm talking only about the FIRST LEVEL

4. the voice acting was horrible, i'm talking only about Martin, not pewdie

5. i stopped playing because i was stuck at the bro part.
never move the ''bro'' people.

but still the level design was a litte bit good and scripting.
good storyline tough.

And this story was made for pewdiepie NOT FOR YOU. but we can play it.

I love it!


Well made! So funny and scary!! :D


Loirinha says

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