Mars Wars 3 - It's out! MarsWars is an Unreal Tournament 2004 mod to remake the classic title: "Red Faction" which has been released for PC and Playstation 2. It's a first person shooter, played in gametypes such as DM, CTF, RailArena and many more. All weapons have been re-created and improved in detail. Characters, levels, even vehicles. We're trying hard to give you the perfect gameflow you're expecting in a high quality mod such as Mars Wars. Online play is much more stable and weapons are absolutely lag free (projectiles don't delay)! Meaning, if you fire your gun and you hit something on screen - it's a hit. In Mars Wars you can expect to experience one of the best FPS-multiplayer experiences. Especially a lot of fun with friends on the Invasion gametype. Try it out, it's free and easy!!

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The changelog of Mars Wars 2.1. Includes changes (that I could remember) for the upcoming version 2.1.

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Changelog for Mars Wars 2.1

- Completely new damage system, new damage values, armor taken damage divided by 2
- Deformable Terrain by weapons. Explosives create holes.
- no more bunnyhopping due to lower grav (compareable to RF)
- no more "weapon bob" (crosshair goes up and down)
- more realitic character lighting
- polished geomod effects
- new blood effects
- no more screaming players (hurt sounds)
- added death sounds
- Lots of code fixing.- Tweaked maps (lighting, texturing)
- Motionblur on view when heavly damaged.
- Decreased gravity, overall optimized player movements
- Optimized karma ragdoll physics
- No hit animations
- No hit momentum for bullet weapons
- Removed blood trails spreading tons of blood.
- Adjusted eye height and players height
- Improved effects suchs as muzzle flashes and explosions.
- Optimized sound volumes.
- Increased detail on weaponmodels.
- Tweaked positions of weaponmodels.
- Tweaked animations of weapons.
- New character Parker Suit
- Higher shadow detail for Players
- Shadows on pickups
- Distant weapon sounds
- First person death cam
- Serverbrowser lists all Mars Wars servers at once when clicked on refresh.
- Crosshairs changed to RFs ones.
- New mutator "Start with Submachine Pistol" instead of Handgun. Or replace unsilenced one with silenced.
- New mutator "Mars Wars Regeneration" : Doesn't heal monsters, regen per sec configurable.
- New mutator "Medical Drop" : Killed players drop health kits.
- New mutator "Railbow" : Railgun trails are colored randomly.

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