March of Rome is a multiplayer modification for 'Mount and Blade: Warband' set in the Imperial Roman Era under Emperor Trajan. The mod itself is set between the years 9AD-117AD, and encompasses the Roman Campaigns under Clodius and Trajan in Briton, Dacia and Germania.

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It is pure brilliance. Mount and Gladius revived! Long live Ej!


jois98 says

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A fun mod to play if you have friends to play with that also likes to **** around and do random **** 10/10 would download and play again


A nice Roman mod that will forces you to play in a way that they the Romans used to fight in.

This the BEST Mount&Blade; Warband mod I ever ssssseeeeeennnnnn!!!!!!

about 4 years ago I always wanted a game where you could say aloud "Folow me!"
And the others would do so!

And now its real.

I think this game simulats real battes!


Awsome mod! Hope you all like it! New worked armors, new cool looking scenes!


This mod is pure awesomeness and it has it all, Romans & barbarians/gauls. I just love roman mods so this is why I could play this day in & day out..

Good textures, good maps, good balance with the weapons and armors & classes.


SR-71 says

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Oooh very "original", another only MP mod about Rome with some reskins WITHOUT SP... fantastic (sarcastic)


Really awesome mod, and I like how/what they have done with this. Romans looks awesome and have the good things I like with them and the gauls or what they are ;) they are cool too, but I love the romans, I highly recommend this mod to you all.

One of the few decent Roman mods left.


Looks alright so far! Personally I'm just not that fond of Arcade mod types. Still some work to be done, keep it up and you will get there!

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It is pure brilliance. Mount and Gladius revived! Long live Ej!

Jun 5 2014 by Logann12