The Marathon: Resurrection project is breathing new, fully 3D life into an old 2.5D action game. With the advanced 3D capabilities of today's graphics cards, Marathon can become an even more visually-stunning and addictive game. The vessel for this rebirth: Unreal Tournament. Team Unpfhorgiven is taking all those tired, old sprites and turning them into true 3D models. The enemies will be greasier, scarier and, with the help of Unreal Tournament AI programming, far more challenging opponents. We're converting both single-player and multiplayer modes of Marathon, so that PC users can experience what a FPS plot should be like, and Mac users can indulge themselves in nostalgia, and everyone can enjoy the unique, addictive sensation derived from multiplayer Marathon over TCP/IP. We're taking it all, messing with it, and spitting it back out. If you're looking for a carbon copy, try the excellent Aleph One. If you're here, you're getting Marathon, Team Unpfhorgiven-style....

RSS Veni, Vidi, Video - DBolical YouTube Roundup September 5th - September 9th

Check out this week’s roundup of the mods and indies that were featured on the DBolical YouTube!

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Hey there! Welcome to this week's roundup of the YouTube, where we covered a remarkable enhancement mod and a classic total conversion paying homage to a lost titan of FPS gaming!

Monday - Playthrough - Space Marine Augmented

Space Marine puts you in the greaves of a third-person god of war, so fondly loved by the 40k gaming community that a sequel was practically manifested into existence after ten years. With the Augmented mod, everything gets turned up to eleven, with new weapons for slaying greenskins and burning heretics, new classes and abilities, and is the ultimate way to enact your 40k power fantasy.

Weirdboy Boss

Wednesday - Shorts - Hedon Bloodrite

Some of the most satisfying success stories in the indie scene come from mods - as is the case with Hedon: Bloodrite, a once-mod, now standalone retro shooter kicking ass on the DOOM engine in the modern day. Play as a suspiciously well-proportioned half-demon, half-orc woman hell-bent on avenging her comrades and fighting the good fight, against cultists, demons, hellish animals, and elvish troublemakers from other worlds.

Screenshot 01

Friday - Playthrough - Marathon: Resurrection

Marathon is the Bungie FPS that predated Halo, and whilst sometimes in the shadow of its successor, committed fans remember Halo was not the first FPS Bungie nailed. Marathon Resurrection takes the series into 3D on the timeless Unreal 1 Engine, and though begun over two decades ago, an update as recently as 2021 by fans proves Marathon lives on - so let's dive into Marathon once more, made anew!

Marathon Level - Pfhor meeting shotgun

That's all for this round-up. What do you think about the mods listed? Feel free to discuss below and check out the YouTube for more videos past, present, and future!

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