MapMixer is designed to give you more control over the way you launch and manage your game session in Unreal Tournament 3. It replaces the the game's Main Menu and let's you launch either a quick-offline match or a complete session where every map is specifically customised - or randomised. It's a whole new way to manage your UT3 experience.

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In-Game Client Menu

If you're playing a standalone match or connecting to a server using MapMixer, then you'll have available to you a personal Client Menu that enables you to customise some elements of your game experience. If you are logged in as an Admin (or playing standalone) then you'll see some Tabs in the Menu that aren't available to normal clients. The following is a description of a few of these Tabs.

Bot Orders

When playing a team game, the Orders Tab will be available. It lets you see what each bot is currently assigned to do and indicates squad groupings, as well as modify the orders given to these bots, thus being able to create your own squads.

If you are playing a standalone game then you will also see a health bar for each Bot on the left of their name as well as special indicators for their current status, such as: '!' = Attacking, 'E' = Enemy Aquired, 'G' = Pursuing Flag, 'F' = Carrying Flag, 'O' = Carrying Orb, 'W' = Waiting at point for other Squad Member Bots before atacking, 'V' = In Vehicle.

Each Bot Squad is separated by a dark grey line and the Squad Leader will be displayed first.

One interesting thing you can do here is directly assign Bots to another Bot (ie Bot Squad) or to support any Human player.

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