This is an addon now released for Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It allows you to play as your choice of one of the 6 main characters of My Little Pony in both the campaign as well as custom stories.

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being a fellow brony, and recently getting Amnesia: the Dark Descent, i felt like I should make some modifications to the game. I happened to come by this, and I thought: Why not? so far, I'm really enjoying it, and whenever I play it, I feel like I'm not playing as Daniel, but as one of the Mane 6. So to the people who made this mod, very great job, and by all means, keep going at it.

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What the hell why so negative? I really don't get it why ppls are so critics this is just a nice mod with ponies and in my opinion this is pretty creative and beats hell out of any "cheap custom story" you put some time into this and there are rarely unique mods like this. Grr.. nothing is not enough for in this community anymore, it's really corrupted and negative bastards everywhere, it's just sad.. how many peoples don't get this idea. Example: "Omg I don't lie ponies this is not a cs I'll rate…

May 10 2013 by HumiliatioN