Mandate of Heaven is a custom singleplayer level for Crysis. Its action takes place in a public park invaded by chinese army renegades. The goal of the mission is to infiltrate the park and eliminate their commander, who established his headquarters in a sacred temple on the coast. It presents an open and detailed environment to explore, intense battles, and multiple ways to reach your objectives.

FireSlippers says

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This mod is a brief summary of what made Crysis worth playing, epic visuals, multiple ways to get to places, exploration that isn't mind blowingly dull, and solid yet flexible gameplay,in short; you should play this.
Extra Pro - the buildings and man made environments are more interesting to see and play in then the standard corrigated metal huts crysis mostly used.
Extra Con - minorly minor niggle being that the voice acting was recycled from Crysis, but really it doesn't feel out of place or forced at any moment from what I noticed.

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