MANA is full conversion mod made in Amnesia engine that is more a piece of art than actual horror (like Destiny Rebellion for example)

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Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo freaking cool dude... How the hell you made this :D ? If is possible to read my comment bcs i have some bugs there when i enter second map it comes error :(


- Creativity
- Love the anime artstyle for the character
- A lot of new content


- Level design, besides having a lot of custom stuff, is too basic
- The store felt slightly pointless, as it was so near the end anyway
- Very short
- Story was quite basic as well


You never disapoint me! This story is Another great mod. I really enjoyed it. The level design and story was a bit too basic, but the gameplay, creativity, custom content and the level of fun weight it up a lot.

9/10 - Awesome

VERY NICE!!! Love this CS! Congratulations for the great work.


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Sorry for that stuff I said back then...

Actually this mod is really cool! It makes fun and is challenging. But there are a few bugs where you can't proceed and then you need to play all over again.

It actually happens when you need to use mana sometimes. Even if you still have some you just can't use it. It happened to me when I fought with some monsters.. :P


Awesome!!!!!! The amazing amount of creativity in this mod is even cooler than Destiny rebellion. I really hope you make a sequel and comtinue making mods in general because every mod you've made has been super cool. Highly recommend this to anyone looking for something new

super awesome! loved every moment! thanks for the hungarian references in both of your mods. i say that this is one of the best mods in this year. a sequel is a must!! :D


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