Have you ever wanted to experience an axis victory as seen in the novel or new hit show The Man In The High Castle? If so, it's your lucky day!

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counttyme says

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I just submitted a 5 point review under username counttyme. Keep in mind that I haven't seen the show. My other thoughts are:

1. For an alpha this was great!
2. When I started the MHT (man in the high tower) it crashed before getting to the loading screen. The second time it worked like a charm. Before you ask, yes I had deleted the contents of the cache folder.
3. Ideas that I would suggest for future versions. Start up events for the players country that do one of the following:
a. provoke seperatism in provinces that have a core which does not equal the owner.
b. begin a space race with the another super power (ex: japan if player is Germany and vice versa) with research points being awarded for breakthroughs.

Thanks again for a great alpha, I will play every version you put out!


McLeodia says

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The early access version shows the potential of this mod.


Ruebin.Murphy says

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it was very good thats it


Jack_Sparrow2.0 says

Early access review

Clemix says

Early access review
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