This is a mini mod for WiC corrected unit names, GRAU designations. Thats all. :)

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This is this kind of a small mod that does not really merit or require an expanded review because of visible reason. Still, ModDB imposed new rules upon exceptionally high or low review scores.

Malyutka Mod is a text-based realism mod that changes the units names in World In Conflict to their real counterparts. Examples are there's no longer the artificial segregation of tanks in medium and heavy tanks as now there's a proper MBT generation classification. Infantry descriptions are greatly expanded which actually does help the player understand their purpose better. This mod also fixes some bugs the game had before such as the wrong name for the Soviet repair tank or the problems with NATO units names. Good thing this mod is also fully compatible with the SP campaigns and missions which was IMO the purpose of it's existence. It is that worthy or recommended to play it online since it does not really change the gameplay to a noticeable amount.

This is a must download for all realism lovers in World In Conflict who want their units to have proper names as they were original.

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