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This week I received a response from 2k-Czech, regarding the letter I sent. no good news.

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This week I received a response from 2k-Czech, regarding the letter I sent. no good news.

2K-Czech said they appreciated my interest in their work, but unfortunatly were unable to participate into this project, therefore the SDK cannot be provided.


I did reply back though to make sure it was understanded correctly, as they speak of "participate with the project" instead of "providing a SDK tool" I could always ask.

However this does not mean the project get's canceled or anything. it will only take longer instead of using an SDK. also some features like dynamic lighting and occludder scripting will not be possible.

I'm very glad they responded though! and I'm glad I asked, now I'm sure.
Translated from a dutch sentence: "No is what you have, Yes is what you can get"

(SDK = Software Developing Kit = Original developer tools used to create the game's content)

These 2 weeks there will not be much progres as I'm still in a busy period of my life.
after that there will be lots and lots of new updates to reveal!
Some of them including:
. Verandah & palm court café
. 1st class Lounge
. All corridors
. B deck suites


:O than good by 2k-Czech team, this means that care about their fans...

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Oh well at least you tried and looking on the bright side this gives you more of a sense of pride in all the work you've put into this beautiful mod.

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well, a real shame, but at least you asked.
"Nee is wat je hebt en Ja kun je krijgen"
(Translated in Dutch: "No is what you have, Yes is what you can get")
and that is just the way it is indeed, like you said.(I'm Dutch too!).

maybe its not even that they don't want to help, i think its more a case of they can't. maybe they don't own the rights of these SDK's, or maybe they don't have them anymore (laying around) and does it take to much effort to look them up, (these SDK's are nearly 10 years old i believe).

still, good that you did write back on time more, to explain that they don't need to participate, but that you only need some SDK's.
Maybe they still can help you out then, who knows.
at least i will keep following this great Mafia Mod.


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