The Maelstrom Mod introduces four new races to the Sins of a Solar Empire Universe. They are independent of the original races and have unique strengths and weaknesses. Maelstrom is available Rebellion, Diplomacy, Entrenchment and Original Sins.

ledernierrempart says

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i can't put more than 5. as a homeworld lover i can't stand seeing ripped homeworld 2 ships not being used like they are meant to..
for exemple a well known Hiigaran torpedo frigate being used as a dual laser frigate with the laser coming out of torpedo tubes... and it is like this for other ships too.

(it is like ripping off a star destroyer from a starwars game and put missiles projectiles instead of the laser ones with the same plasma battery skins.. it would bother you.)

when you rip of models and texture traight from a game you should have at least the decency of keeping their characteristic.
Also the dev i have spoken to seems to not have played homeworld nor do he care about missusing what he ripped off.

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This looks pretty good! :D

Nov 14 2010 by usnsmith