The Maelstrom Mod introduces four new races to the Sins of a Solar Empire Universe. They are independent of the original races and have unique strengths and weaknesses. Maelstrom is available for Rebellion, Diplomacy, Entrenchment and Original Sins.

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We are pleased to announce the coming seventh release of the Maelstrom mod for SoaSE.

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Highlights (Release 7)
Added Titan Capital Flagships to Expansion series for all six races. Only one Titan is in play, per player, at a time. They can only be replaced an hour after last build. Titan ships include new models, abilities, sounds, effects, etc.
Thanks to ZombiesRus5 for sharing the Flagship Ability.

Bug fixes
- TradeAlliance longrange frigate crystal cost typo fixed
- TradeAlliance Travelon heavy cruiser missile barrage ability now needs to be researched
- Fixed Replicator carrier cruiser's continuous replicate problem
- Minidumps for Magnetar and Quasar Stars abilities fixed
- TA antifghter now attacks strikecraft
- Pirate Capitalships block planet bombardment, preventing multiple colonization by pirates in a short period of time.

- Increased cooldown time on Dreadnought spawning
- Replicators Siege Capitalship ability 'Neural Attack' reduced in intensity
- Balanced a number of Planets, i.e reduced populations and logistics
- Increased the firepower of Norlamins Colony Frigate (i.e approximately equal to light frigate)
- Balanced research trees (i.e pruned some depth) particularly for Norlamins and TradeAlliance races
- Balanced orbital defense modules of new races
- Decreased Tec and TA Dreadnought Firepower
- Militia: Dangerous asteroids now large and small types, heavy and longrange ships grow on a hourly basis

- New sound tracks for TradeAlliance
- New opening music theme
- A number of sounds for abilities have been fixed

- Added Titan Flagships and Titan Planetary Coordinator models for 6 races
- Updated Dreadnought Planetary Coordinator models for 6 races
- Updated Mining Planet mesh
- Updated Capitalships: Norlamins Siege, Colony, Replicators Battle
- Updated Starbases: Norlamins, Replicators
- Updated Cruisers: Norlamins Utility, Replicators Envoy, Replicators Carrier, TA Utility, TA Envoy, TA StarBase Constructor
- Updated Frigates: Norlamins MineralExplorer, Replicators Siege, Replicators Colony, Replicators AntiFighter, TA Scout
- Updated Support: Norlamins TradeShip, Norlamins RefineryShip, Norlamins RemoteRefinery, Norlamins Fighter, Norlamins Bomber, TA TradeShip, TA RefineryShip

- Norlamins Colony Capitalship ability 'zone of force' updated, now ships are invulnerable and cannot move
- Replaced 3 Replicator Capitalship abilities on colony, battle, support
- Replaced 5 TradeAlliance frigate abilities adding more diversity
- Added Mega-Laser ability to the Norlamins heavy cruiser
- Replicator and Norlamins Utility cruisers (with module capture ability) can only take over 'some' enemy orbital structures

- Added new planet research for two types of planets - Giant Planets and Hi-Technology Planets
- Increased Norlamins ship firepower (i.e range, rate, damage) via 4th, 5th and 6th order research

- Updated Legendary Planet model
- Added abilities to original planets (Terran, Ice, Desert, Volcanic)
- For Original Sins: added moons to planets
- Fixed Aura Planet's 'Phase Distortion' ability

- Fixed Magnetar Star's particle effect
- Fixed particle effect for Replicators Siege Capital ability 'Neural Attack'
- Added rotating domes to TradeAlliance colony Capitalship
- Added rotating saucer to Norlamins Colony Frigate

- some strings too long to fit into display box ... have been fixed


made my night! :)

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soase-maelstrom Author

A Blessing and a curse!

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I'm glad to see my highlander ability is working out for your Titan's. I've downloaded the latest Diplomacy Expansion and will play around with it some when I get a free moment.

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soase-maelstrom Author

Hi ZombiesRus5,
Thanks again for sharing the ability, it seems to work well with massive Flagships! except of course when the enemy send them to your own home world!!

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How does one create a Titan? I can't find the option within the tech page or the construction menu.

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soase-maelstrom Author

They are automatically generated on your Homeworld ... expansion series only.

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