A faithful port of Macintosh Wolfenstein 3D to PC using the Wolf4SDL base, this mod brings you some vintage Mac gameplay and prepares the ground for future Mac mod ports.

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gerolf says

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The definitive port of Mac Wolfenstein 3D to the PC.


Perok says

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This is pretty good! Still missing some stuff like red flashing when hit but it's a solid mod!


Dunkelschwamm says

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I'm a few levels into both The Second Encounter and The Third Encounter and I can already tell that this is the definitive way in the modern era to experience the all-too-often overlooked Mac port of Wolfenstein 3D. Every quirk and nostalgic quality that gave Mac's Wolf3d its unique identity is present and it feels so, so good. Mac Wolf3d was my first exposure to Wolfenstein 3D and one of the reasons I became a modder and eventually a professional developer. Experiencing this made me feel like the old critic from Ratatouille taking a bite into my own childhood and remembering why I love what I do. The team did an exceptional and respectful job recreating the original while also including many useful optional modern features for those who have trouble traversing the bumpy roads of the past. Finally, the inclusion of mod support means that this likely to remain the definitive way to experience Mac Wolf3d for a long time to come. I would recommend this to anybody with even a passing fascination with older games, retro FPS games, or have an affinity for the good old days of MacOS before the OS became so hostile to any software that didn't have continuous support. Just truly wonderful.

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