Maarten's Crucial Conflict is a trilogy aboutan alien attack on Europe. But there's more to the story than just shooting baddies! Explore detailed bases, solve puzzles kick butt in this mini three-map episode!

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NESfag says

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Really good episode. It's only 3 maps but each is fairly long.

For a Duke Nukem 3D episode, the story is well done. There is also a good feel of progression between maps.

The author used DN3D effects and the possibilities of the Build engine in an inventive way which leads to rather unique moments.

Levels also have fun layout and their share of interesting architecture and detailing, though it never goes overboard.

My only regret is that some areas are a bit cramped at times, and some of the weapons (freezer, shrinker) are lacking.


AdamDenton1 says

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