This mod is based on the alternate universe of lux invicta a Crusader kings II, if the authors want credits il give them the credits (i use the mods ideea and mod's map) but in a totaly differennt mod for a totaly different game. This mod's timeline goese across 700 years from 1078 to 1800 , as long as the stories of lux invictia re based around 1066 (and before) the rest of 10 yers (when my mod starts) and the rest of 800 years will have stories and events imagined by me. THe religions wont be as many as in vannila,but even more, coversions and reforms will also appear, as a pagan you can convert to any other religion, SPQR can choose the solar-imperial as state religiona nd also miliotary reforms that will chage the world, you as a player and ruler in this formidable world, you can choose one of the 3 maps (a big one, one concentratig on the west and one concentraiting on the east). The mod is stil WIP as you can see.

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Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms
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