Lunar Descent is an action-adventure game, set on the Xterrier Lunar Colony. It mixes brutal combat, exploration and resource scavenging. To stay alive, players must be careful when dealing with enemies and ever mindful of their limited supplies.

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Olde72 says

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I thoroughly enjoyed the environment and the maps. They were quite well-made and kept a common theme and aesthetic throughout. The story is...well, much more told rather than shown. It's implied to be on a much grander scale than it actually is. This is probably to mask the fact that you only really have one enemy type in the entire mod. The voice acting was unexpectedly good. Level design was usually okay, with some areas looking a bit samey and only once or twice being confusing where to go. The real thing that drags this mod down is the amount of damage you take. I don't know what it is with mods these days that think the challenge in a game is to make you die in two hits. I played this mod on Normal and needed numerous restarts on two sections of the game, which I'll go into later. The mod description makes it seem like the only thing difficult is resource distribution; I didn't find that to be the case at all. In fact, there are actually plenty of first aid kits, weapons, and healing items around, and I actually never ran out of ammo. The problem is the enemies deal too much damage; in groups of one or two they're fine, but in the later part of the mod, they appear in groups of five to ten.

I guess I'm going to go into spoilers now regarding the tasks that required the restarts. There is a part where you have to defuse three bombs, which are guarded by more than ten guards each. The issue is that each bomb is on a time limit and you have to kill every guard or else you'll absolutely die. It was ridiculously hard to survive long enough to find the first bomb, let alone kill everyone guarding the second bomb. And keep in mind this is on *Normal* difficulty, and I think I have an advantage given I play a lot of shooters. The second huge problem with this mod is the "boss-fight" (?) I guess you could call it. At the end of the game, you have to survive against a woman named Evelyn who has a lot more health than everyone else and fires a shotgun at you. Thing is, she doesn't get stunned when you shoot her and even if you do manage to deplete her health, she comes back in about ten seconds anyway. Not only does she chase you around the map while you're looking for two hidden switches, but she also sometimes glitches the shotgun where she fires two shots simultaneously, which will kill you instantly from full health (not even giving you a chance to heal). I had to kill her three times during the time it took me to find the bloody switches, and that was absolutely absurd. Otherwise, the only other problem I had was that the maps feel incredibly barren at the start, since there are no NPC's and you're just walking around this empty ghost town.

I'm not sure who this mod is really made for. It's got good atmosphere, a short and bare-bones story that serves to get the plot moving, a nice consistent theme/tone, and bug-free maps. The combat is by far the most off-putting part to the game. The damage they deal, the lack of variety of enemies, the timed bomb segments, and the part with the shotgun-spamming invincible bitch were over the top. It's a polished, well-made mod for what it is but it falls short due to basic gameplay problems, lack of showing and not telling, and some other awkward things such as lack of NPCs and knowing the role of the protagonist before starting the game. 6/10


I'd give it 7, but bomb defusing happened.
Edit: ok, with patch it deserved a better rating.


SPY-maps says

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Great mod, loved all the custom textures and models!
I am not a real fan of story driven games, mods etc so there were quit a few parts, specially in the beginning that felt a bit dull to me. But that is just my personal opinion. Also was it sometimes hard to follow the full story completely because i couldn't hear it all to well. But that was not a real problem to me. That said, there were a few issues with it that i would like to mention. Again, most are probably my personal opinions;
-outdoor, fog looks a bit odd because there is no fog in skybox. would take fog out all together because the maps are not that big that it is needed out of renedering issues as far as i can see.
-at some places a large metal gate is blocking the way (road), but at some points you could walk past these gates, there is enough room there. Still, a inviseble brush blocks the way. Would be better to add something there so it also look as if you can;t get past the gates.`
-map c8 lunar square, the parts were the boms explode when your not in time disabling them are not really fair. Specially the part were you need to disable the bomb in the church building is not fair. Because you have to kill about 10 enemies that run out of the church in just 20 secs or so and disable the bomb. I tried at least 9 times and then i used god mode to get to the bomb in time.
-the bomb after the one in the church is even more unfair, it drove me really insane in a not good way. First i tried to find it about 10 times, i did hear it but could find it. Had to no clip to understand that it was not at the first floor on the left side in the first building but around 3 corners further down the street, were i had to kill i believe 3 groups of enemies. It took me about 15 times to succeed and i didn't use god mode simply because i wanted to see if it could be done. And, it can! But only when you run all the way and each shot kills a enemie, and you have to know EXACTLY were the bomb is. All in all i can only say that these parts are very unfair to the player and i am quit sure that most if not all players only experiece these parts as very unfair and very, very frustrating. As mapper myself i do understand why you made these parts as they are but as gamer i have to tell you that there simply no fun. Again, as mapper i do but as player i don't. Sorry.

After i wrote the part above i did read all the other comments here and it seems i am the only one who thinks this way so probably i am the only one who thinks so. Still, i am a very experienced player and love hard gameplay. Maybe it has to do with how i played the bomb parts. At first i did get killed a few times because the bombs went off. So then i started to run and shoot my way through them which was very hard and frustrating. Maybe you did place more then one triggers along the road which makes that you don't need to run but get a particular amount of time to kill each group of enemies. When i thought that the counter starts to count as soon as you have disabled the bomb before the one you start to do.
Liked the part in the final level with the woman although this was also very hard to complete and quit frustrating to me. But again, that is probably just personal. I love hard gameplay but hate enemies that you have to hit a not realistic amount of times to get rid of them. Again, it has probably all to do with personal taste. All in all it was a very enjoyeble experience and the overall mapping, modeling, texturing and animation was awesome.
Very well done!

All in all i give it a 8/10 because the art work is so very well done, as is the whole setup of the mod. I can't give it a 10 because of the enemie attacks not being very fair in my eyes as described above.


too short, otherwise an excellent mod.


Definitely rough around the edges in places, and the game could have definitely done with a lean feature considering how brutal the difficulty can be. That being said I can appreciate the use of a ton of original assets, and the uniqueness it brings with it.


IMCAL says

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This is such an amazing mod.
Enjoyed it the whole way through, offered a challenge, and an interesting story. Although the opening does feel a little empty, it would benefit from a couple npcs just going about their day to make the world more believable, other than that I have no complaints.

9/10: I'd buy this if it were on the Steam store. Certainly better than alot of the mods being sold on there.

Art style
Story elements

Poorly thought-out and often game-breaking geometry
Extremely poor direction
Terrible, slow, confusing start
AWFUL timed bomb-defusal sections

There's a lot of work put into this, but because of a few poor design choices, it's simply not fun for 80% of its run time.


skullkan6 says

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Wow, that was... I don't know what to say except I am disappointed. This mod is like a four paragraph long short story where the first is great and there is no real ending.

I really, really wanted o like this mod. The opening and the Sci-fi Die hard style gunplay were great, the amount of detail put into reskinning just about everything you could get your hands on so it does not look like half life 2, really promising. And then it goes into a power plant? and then eldritch horror stuff with no real setup or way to avoid it? The gameplay gets really frustrating once you realize there are only two enemies in the game and one of them appears to be a combine soldier reskin, the other a tanky combine shotgunner who can tank 2 AK mags to the face and respawn infinitely for what I must assume was supposed to be a "boss battle"? Dude, what the hell?
Up until the last 15 minutes of the mod I was thinking this would be an eight, and then the ending comes and explains very, very little for no real reason except pretense was all I could come up with. We're being watched by an alien race... who are trying to genocide us, and maybe the revolution is being controlled by aliens and yet... the game just ends. It just ends, it ends before there is a real explanation to anything. If this was supposed to be a teaser to a bigger world/setting well then you failed because It doesn't feel like I can expect a finished mod. This felt like a demo. How did you even make a trailer for this, it would be 3/4 of the mod. There is a grenade weapon or launcher which you can pick up ammo for but never use. This feels like a demo. It's the opposite of a self contained story and yet it is the only mod in this storyline unless your other mod gave ALL the exposition?
I feel like the longer I get from beating this, the more I think and the more I dislike it, so I'll submit the review now.

What the hell happened after you left the office building? Did half the team quit?

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I'd give it 7, but bomb defusing happened.
Edit: ok, with patch it deserved a better rating.

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