Lover's Quarrel is a Valentine's Day themed Doom II megawad. 32 maps for Single Player, Deathmatch and Cooperative play.

It's Valentine's Day but alas, Love is hard, and you and your partner seem to be having a quarrel. Sometimes the best way to solve a quarrel is to fight through it! We've made a whole set of deathmatch maps, with single player and co-op monsters included. Come and see what kind of romantic setting we've made to deathmatch in, whether it be lush green fields overgrown with flowers, fancy marble hallways adorned with paintings, or a heart-filled tunnel of love.

This is the 24th project of PUSS: Pineapple Under the Sea Studios. Previous projects include Pac-Man Doom and Trick and Tear. This project's leaders are Peccatum Mihzamiz and Myolden.

This is a limit-removing megawad. You can play it on GZDoom, DSDA, prboom+, Crispy Doom, Woof, Zandronum, Odamex etc. etc. etc..
Compatibility: 'Doom (strict)' or -complevel 2.

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Hello all you Lovers! Welcome to PUSS XXIV: Lover's Quarrel by Peccatum Mihzamiz and Myolden. This project is all about love and Valentine’s Day. Mappers were given certain time constraints to make Deathmatch maps, that they then adjusted (often in major ways) to also make Single Player maps with! Come and join us on this romantic stroll and kill some demons along the way! And hop into a Deathmatch or co-op server, with or without a valentine, to lose yourself in this world of love!

-A full 32 map megawad!
-All maps were made for Deathmatch, Single Player ánd cooperative play!
-A slightly adjusted palette to bring out more pink in the set!
-Many custom textures and sprites!
-Some custom weapon sprites (only cosmetic, behaviour is the same)!
-A catchy Valentine's Day themed soundtrack!
-Difficulty settings have been implemented. Overall this wad is close to the difficulty found in Valiant.

Technical info:
-Doom II iwad
-Limit removing. -complevel 2 or Doom (strict) compatibility.
-Tested with DSDA, Woof, GZDoom, Zandronum and Odamex.
-File: Release Candidate 1 (RC1)
-A separate release of the resource pack to follow.
-Full credits file (with a ton of names!) in the zip file.

Screenshot Doom 20230125 213738


SPOILER Screenshot Doom 20230107

Map List:
MAP01 - "Temple of Love" - Pistoolkip
MAP02 - "Desert Rose" - Captain Toenail
MAP03 - "Join Me In Death" - Myolden
MAP04 - "Daisy Island" - Muumi
MAP05 - "Castle of Love" - Poxel 2
MAP06 - "Love Refinery" - Worriedidiot and Norb
MAP07 - "Cupid's Crucible" - Captain Toenail
MAP08 - "Garden of the Cherubim" - Qeswic
MAP09 - "You May Kiss The Demon" - SergeantAnger
MAP10 - “Canyon of Love” - LGmaire
MAP11 - "Lost City of Love" - Captain Toenail
MAP12 - "Pink Lipstick" - LGmaire
MAP13 - "Right in Two" - notTyrone
MAP14 - "Rock-bottom Relationship" - DynamiteKaitorn
MAP15 - "From Pecca With Love" - Peccatum Mihzamiz
MAP16 - "Love-Hate" - Decay
MAP17 - "We're no strangers to love" - United VirusX and Nodifyouloveme™
MAP18 - "Barentain Garden" - Phoenyx and Petyan
MAP19 - "PUSSC (Pineapple Under my Sweet Sodden Crush)" - LGmaire
MAP20 - "A Mix of Pink and Blue" - LGmaire and BluePineapple 2
MAP21 - "Long Walks on the Beach" - Blexor
MAP22 - "White Wedding" - Pistoolkip
MAP23 - "Beachside Brawl" - Qeswic and Matacrat
MAP24 - "Heartthrob" - BluePineapple72 and Death Bear
MAP25 - "This Love is Ancient" - King Know-Nothing
MAP26 - "Don't Need No Credit Card to Rid This Train" - horselessheadsman
MAP27 - “Seashell Castle” - LGmaire
MAP28 - "Like a Knife Cutting Through Water" - Peccatum Mihzamiz & partner
MAP29 - "Love Machine" - Captain Toenail
MAP30 - "Love Letter" - Myolden
MAP31 - "Disharmony" - Blexor
MAP32 - "Pinetown" - BluePineapple72



SPOILER doom90

Lover's Quarrel - Beta released!

Lover's Quarrel - Beta released!


The Beta of Lover's Quarrel has been released! Come and check out 32 new Valentine's Day themed Doom II maps and either fight alongside or against your...

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Lover's Quarrel - RC2

Lover's Quarrel - RC2

Full Version 1 comment

Lover's Quarrel - RC2 (Release Candidate 2) Well, that was a long wait! Like with many people, the period after Valentine's Day hit the dev team hard...

Lover's Quarrel - RC1

Lover's Quarrel - RC1

Full Version 2 comments

Lover's Quarrel - RC1 (Release Candidate 1) This project is all about love and Valentine’s Day. Mappers were given certain time constraints to make...

Lovers Quarrel - Beta v1

Lovers Quarrel - Beta v1

Full Version 1 comment

This Beta version 1 of PUSS XXIV: Lover's Quarrel, contains a nearly finished product.

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