2007. Ukraine. Chornobyl Zone. Since a year after first surge, the territory, guarded only by several military units becomes more and more dangerous. Scientific and military expeditions are sent to investigate the causes of the unknown nature, but disappear. Lonely, scared to death, and running in fear survivors tell terrifying stories about forgotten laboratories, monsters and anomalies, able to freeze the blood in veins. Strelok will have to challenge the fear, to face death, betrayal and primary evil, to reach the heart of the underworld, to once and forever change it...

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Great mod!


One of the best mods ever made. Easily. Unquestionably. Incontrovertibly. Indisputably.
The biggest thing that it's missing is a proper english translation.
Aside from that, graphics are very uneven, most areas and objects look very good, but then along come things like Junkyard (DAYUM, DEM GROUND TEXTURES) or one of the military armors that bends physics and defies shadows.
Also, it could use more gear and maybe traders, it's a great sandbox mod, there just isn't enough gear to keep you interested for long, unless you're having fun just exploring, like me.

*Glorious maps
*Challenging gameplay
*Incredible atmoshere (Perfectly balanced, not omg,I be so sad like in Misery and also not, for lack of a more appropriate word, happy, a'la vanilla)
*Glorious maps and lots of them

Play it, don't be an idiot, even with the crappy and incomplete translation it's still worth your time.

P.S. I'd ditch the story, it's completely unnecessary.

Amazing mod with lots of improvements and great new maps!


optivankiev says

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Russian version of this mod proved to be interesting and entertaining!


This is ultimate in mod technology!!!


Ercanx says

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Awesome mod very big and alot of changes!


release when?

It's epic. Really epic.


v1ld says

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the atmosphere and the maps are stunning. It runs relative stable, most maps with dyn.lighting. The story is a bit thin

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Great mod!

Apr 20 2014 by pauk_200