A simple dye that makes Hat Kid look like the Little Girl from Deemo! (Mobile/Switch) What is Deemo and who is this little girl? She's from some small music game, you can look it up! She's pretty hecking cute to make Hat Kid "cosplay" as her (And by cosplay I mean just dumping some dye to her clothes and hair). So now you can "play as" some cute pianist girl in a cute world!

This dye is obtained instantly, no rift coins required!

Don't spoil the actual girl's name in the comments, let people discover that on their own!

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This is an article telling about the release of the ModDB port of the Little Girl Dye from the Steam Workshop!
This is just a simple mod, it just adds a dye in your inventory for you to use!
There will be more ports from the Steam Workshop from me so stay tuned on the Hat in Time mod page to see more!

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Little Girl Dye Main File

Little Girl Dye Main File


The main file for the simple dye that makes Hat Kid look like the Little Girl from Deemo! (Mobile/Switch)

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