This is a basic mod that adds many new units to the game! I've among many other things added infantry to the Khergit Khanate and Cavalry to the Rhodoks. This mods goal is to add more troop variety to the game. Feel free to suggest improvements or ideas for new units. Contains Diplomacy Mod

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Biggus_Thicc_Diccus says

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This mod is really great, but it contains some overpowered troops, and unnecessary ones.

The new Nord units(axemen, axe throwers, vikings) don't really need to be in the game, they are just copies of the huscarl and one of his weapons.

The spearmen need a side arm, like a sword, because they die quite quickly when they fight another infantry alone.

The spearmen's armor is also quite too good for their abilities and skills, they kinda should be a trash unit that is used as anti cavalry or cannon fodder.

The new Nord and Rhodok cavalry are a bit too good on the last tier, because they probably can beat Swadian knights and Sarranid mamlukes in a 1v1, who are supposed to be the best cavalry in the game, so removing the last cavalry unit for the Nords and Rhodoks might be for the better.

And the Swadian sharpshooter archers....oh boy are they too good, i can destroy almost any army with them, perhaps remove them and keep the veteran archers in their place.

And one last thing, some units don't need to have 10 power draw (*cough* swadian sharpshooters *cough*), so try to balance them out a little bit.

Other than that this is a really great mod, I played this for like 20 or so hours for the last 2 weeks, and I'm not hating on this mod, I'm trying to help the creator out by pointing out what's making the units unbalanced and such, keep up the great work!

(dunno if he's still working on this mod or if he ditched it)


cheko264 says

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Mod g├╝zel beyler yeni birlik isteyenler indirsin.


MGff502 says

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