Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories PC edition GTA: Liberty City Stories (original) was created as a result of a collaborative work of the young Rockstar Leeds, for which this became a great debut, and the creators of the series, Rockstar North. The game has been released for PSP in October 2005. Later, developers decided to port the game to Playstation 2. The port appeared in stores in June 2006. 1998. Liberty City. Two years before the well-known story of GTA3. How did Liberty City look before we first visited its streets? This time, in the center of all action is Tony Cipriani. Fo four years he has been hiding from mafia in foreign lands, but now he finally decided to get back to his home city. Unfortunately, Tony was not forgotten, and neither was the murder of a mafia don. Bloody cat-n-mouse games continue in Liberty City.

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pingvin66666 says

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Big respect for porting it to pc, but this port is literally unplayable and un-enjoyable.

The cutscene animations are very weird. Tony is invisible in the intro scene at the bus stop. The running animations are very buggy (in 1.0) Salvatore looks like some kind of gorilla.

I use an old laptop, but I can run GTA:SA with max resolution + settings without any problem, but the 1.0 port lags like hell. Enbseries is the worst idea in my opinion, it eats up older PCs. Make it optional, don't force it on the users.

In the 1.0 version, on lower resolutions the heat haze effect covers the entire screen. It looks like when you want to play the game through a bottle of soda.

One more thing: The GTA 4 hud does not fit with the original LCS.

I hope the developers will be able to improve this porting successfully, because this is a fantastic idea. Just it needs a few fixes here and there. Keep it up!


calabaza says

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really this mod is very bad they took off dyom missions and they added improvements that have nothing to do with gta lcs and they deleted the hud really do not like it besides the mission hot wheels does not work you can not shred the car and only in the beta 6 exploits the car and we can advance although I would like it to have more missions and less lag I really prefer beta 6 is the best version


Armcoon says

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So terrible, basically feel like playing Alpha version Liberty City Stories...Not Beta version. Overall really bad. Disappeared character and bike in intro. No voice act(I don't really care), but please add the subtitle, at least. No correct map marker, okay... I still hopefully have some different feature to this mod.


_Vierwood says

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Great mod.


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