This mod primarily makes visual changes to the game, enriching the world of Gothic with beautiful new textures and models and, most notably, making changes to the world maps by creating new paths, connecting and opening the world even further. Furthermore, it expands the maps adding many new areas and integrates them seamlessly into the existing world.

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Marek33 says

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From my point of view L'Hiver is the best graphics mod for Gothic 2 and it's one of my favorite mods for Gothic 2 belong the Returning, Velaya and Juran (I haven't played The Dark Saga but I think its great too but it doesn't have English translation).

There are many reasons to play this mod for example:
- Its very stable modification (I have played about 1 hour and doesn't have a single crash).
- Amazing textures and great changes in the locations (Harbor, Onar’s farm, forests).
- Pushing Gothic 2 engine to its limit with those textures.
- New weapons, armors and especially textures...
- Re-Balation of the game (stronger monsters, lowered value of stuff in game, lowered statics of armor and many other things)
- Much better lighting = interiors are much darker now and outside too (its Gothic so it should be).

Only problem which I have it's that it is not compatible with Returning mod but maybe in future it will.

So I personally would recommend this mod to every Gothic player and thank you very much for translating this amazing mod!

Definitely 10 of 10!


L'Hiver Mod, despite its small balance quirks, achieves what the creator set out to achieve. The graphical improvements are astounding, landscape changes are welcoming and Khorinis looks several times better. Rebalancing is done in a way that is more or less non-intrusive, however, it makes the game a lot more difficult (not recommended for new players). Also, the mod is fully compatible with DX11 mod, which improves the game's visuals to a whole new level.


Tharr says

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There are many reasons why I like this mod : enhanced textures, rebalanced the world/hero/NPC/monsters stats, improve the "gothic" filling by lightning and darkness , but the thing that I loved the most on this mod is the way the world is changed, expanded and much logical paths , terrain.
I'm looking forward for a next version of this mod.


haywan says

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Changes to to gameworld that are introduced by this mod make it feel both more natural, and also fresh and surprising even for those that replayed this game for who knows how many times in the past. Changes to balance and introduction of new items also do their share in making the experience feel new again, as well as more difficult in the case of balance-related tweaks (but reasonably and fairly so, in a way that doesn't make it hard tor recommend this mod even to complete newcomers). And of course, work author did on game's visuals, when combined with now well knows DirectX 11 render, is nothing short of amazing. Together, they serve as new standard for fan-made graphical updates of vintage games.
And, as others have stated, in its current state this mod is wholly stable and remarkably polished.

I love Gothic universe, this mod is just must have for every fan, every gamer, or simply anyone who want to play this game for the first time, or a couple times. The textures are awesome and fit well to the universe. I think the only thing needed to this game is a recent game engine, but i demand too much.
it's a nice tribute to the game itself, good job


This mod is trully amazing. I personally think this is the best gothic 2 "vanilla" mod ever that changes the mesh and textures / rebalances everything to fit perfectly as the game could really be like from the beginning, the new improved city of khorinis is like perfect, the new harbour with garvel's ship that they are working there,the alleys, the houses retextures, the forests with a lot of grass, plants and everything, this is just perfect.
Together with D3D11 renderer this is the best thing that the gothic 2 will have from a long time of waiting. Hell, I can bet this is looking better even if piranha would have made enchanted editions of these first two games lol.


Gives fresh breath of life to old game.


Nardja says

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kevbam says

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this mod is really good in terms of updated graphics and buildings etc. but the re balancing and removal of stone tablets , makes it much hardrer to get an all round therefore i can only recommend it to good gothic players who know how to invest skill points strategically.if you know how you are going to play the game you can spend your points to your advantage, but on the other hand the game makes you waste points in order to progress.

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