REQUIRES PORTAL 2. A companion mod to the 7-part interview series at Rock Paper Shotgun that focuses on discussing level design and process. You could also call it an "interview mod," I guess. Or maybe it's one of those dreaded art mods? I'll let you decide how to label it, but given the choice, talking about the game rarely matters as much as playing it. So just play it. (This mod was sponsored by Rock Paper Shotgun; built and compiled by Robert Yang; contributors are Dan Pinchbeck, Jack Monahan, Magnar Jenssen, Brendon Chung, Davey Wreden, Ed Key, and Richard Perrin.)

zonbie says

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Not for everybody, but pretty thoughtful...and reading the accompanying articles makes this even better. Chapter One's final puzzle can be pretty damn difficult, which I found refreshing. Chapter Two was the experimental collaboration, and it shows. Chapter Three was really interesting and wrapped things up nicely. I say, give it a shot!!

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