Lethal Tanks is a mod that focuses on tank and vehicle warfare in the realm of ZH. It adds many new units, new structures and powers. The ability to build infantry (except some special units) is now reserved to only one special general, which in turn, is unable to build any tanks. Furthermore, artillery units have been heavily nerfed so that they are very much unsuitable for offensive campaigns. So, no longer can you win a game by amassing scud-launchers. There is also a penalty for building air-untis, and bombers are only suited for attacking buldings and base defences, not tanks. This mod contains some of the best stuff from my other mod Destructive Forces, but gameplay and factions are not the same. The goal of this mod is to create a well balanced mod, with an advanced tech-tree, making you think twice before you start researching that particular upgrade. This mod will contain seven different playable generals.

Andi382 says

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This mod is a littel funny thing for evrybody who likes Massive Battels! The enemy is throwing out tanks like there is no Tomorow and using the new buildings and Vehicles to. Eaven the GLA is using their new planes and Helicopter. This mod got some fresh new ideas and is really funny:). But there are some minor Bugs so i gibe a 9 out of 10!

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