The concept is simple, thrust into a sudden black-out and the ever approaching presence of the Screecher, Creeper and Stalker; you must take your lantern and make your way to the exit, before your soul falls victim to the dreaded monsters. You are utterly defenseless, relying only on the light of your lantern to keep you safe. Keep your fuel in check and your breath calm, those are the only things to keep you alive.

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A very well done alternative gamemode for the beloved doom engine. Works nice with random map generators like oblige.


Trying to run in Zandronum, game quit with error message:

Script error, "ral_light_v4.1.pk3:actors/player.txt" line 9:
"player.gruntspeed" is an unknown actor property

Really disappointing that it doesn't work out of the box. It looked pretty good but turned out to be a dud... a lemon at best.


DeXiaZ says

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Really cool mod


Playing this mod, the creatures are very fun to play against.

Although insta-death is brutal, is is a well deserved punishment for a survival-horror mod.

The creatures also attack in a variety of ways, one could start chasing, teleport or even wander around just to get to you!

This keeps mood and action on our toes! And more importantly, do NOT TURN OFF THAT LIGHT.

This is amazing been looking for a horror type mod for DOOM and I've found it played abit just now scared the Outta me will play it again later on at night in the dark hehehe this is gonna be fun and scary


Very good and creepy atmosphere, a like the idea. Amnesia: The Dark Descent + Slender + Doom. Really good!

It's like Amnesia and Slender meets Doom, its hard to describe how this feels, but picture those games but more encounters, more darkness and generally difficult especially if you play with the regular monsters activated. If you want Doom to be a whole new experience, atmospheric and scary, then this is the mod for you.



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