Will you join the ranks of the Republic and lead them in a last stand as the only light against a galaxy of darkness? Or will you take part in corrupting the galaxy as the vile Mandolorians? Will you fight for peace or war, Jedi or Sith, light or dark. The choice is yours, and the Galaxy will be changed by you forever.

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My beginning unit list. Subject to change. My first mode of the unit list. In may look small, but I'm open to any suggestions on what to add.

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I'm planning on creating a mod true to the actual KotOR game. Many mods do not focus on this prospect, but I will. In this mod, Hammerheads become the new star destroyers, Inexpugnables are a thing of the past, and having a Paladin on your side is like having a SSD coming to help you. Centurions are command ships, not battleships, and capitol ships will cost you. Land battles will be centered around infantry, seldom will you see tanks, and improvised vehicles for the defense of the Republic.
So, here is my space unit list:
Sith Navy: Tech 1:
Sith Fighter
Sith Bomber
Tech 2:
Sith Corvette
Sith Derriphan Frigate
Tech 3:
Sith Destroyer
Tech 4:
Tech 5:
Centurion-class Command Vessel
Republic Navy: Tech 1:
Aurek Tactical Star fighter
Chela-class fighter/bomber
Vaya-class Scout
Tech 2:
Murex Escort Frigate
Foray-class Blockade Runner
Praetorian-class Escort Frigate
Heraklon-class Armed Transport
Trireme-class Corvette
Tech 3:
Thranta-class Medium Warship
Republic Strike Barge
Tech 4:
Hammerhead-class cruiser
Republic Heavy Cruiser
Tech 5:
Paladin Destroyer
Mercy Frigate
Mandalorian Remnant: Tech 1:
Davaab Fighter
Basilisk War Droids
Davaab Type-Bomber
Tech 2:
Lictor-class Armed Prison
Mandalorian Assault Carrier
Tech 3:
Mandalorian Gunship
Tech 4:
Kyramund Destroyer
Tech 5:
Mandalorian Heavy Cruiser
Mandalorian Heavy Command Vessel

You may notice that there is a shortage of units, but many larger ships used in other mods are inaccurate to the time of the mod. If you have any suggestions, I'm open to discussion.

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