Last Alliance: TW is overhaul mod to Shogun 2. This mod base on stories from Tolkien's books, concretely on war Dunedains and Elves against Sauron. This still WIP and don't have release date.

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We have end of may, so I decided to publish informations what we're currently doing. ;)

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Mae govannen!

We have the end of the May, so I’ve decided to publish informations about our current work ;)


Firstly I want to show you a new UI. Japanese style does not look good when we play as elves or dunedain, so I had to change the most elements. At the beginning, I’ve prepared new UI for Numenorean factions (Kingdom of Dunedain and Kingdom of Umbar). I will be still working on this, but how does it look so far- you can see on screenshots below. I’ve also prepared unit cards for Kingdom of Dunedain ;)


Now I'm working on models for three factions - Dunedain, Umbar and Lindon (probably those factions will be available in public alpha in the future). The most effort has been put into Dunedain. I have done 10 units for them so far - middle and high tier units, so now I’m gonna prepare models for low tier units + I plan to make models and textures, for currently existing units, more varied.

About Umbar and Lindon. Currently Umbar has the same units like Dunedain but with different uniforms. I haven’t been working too much on this faction, so they have only a basic models. About Lindon, most of their models, which I’ve showed you before, need to be fixed or remade (+ I need to prepare armors for elite units). So I don't have any new units to show just yet.

And that’s all in case of my current work. If you want, you can support me on Patreon - I would be really grateful, cause I’m spending a lot of time preparing units and doing other parts of this mod.

You can support me here:

PS. I’d like to thank izzi for models of the flags from his mod (Total FOTS) and the Rise of Mordor team for textures (Maybe you’ll see some of my models in their mod)


Meanwhile CherJair has prepared a new non-combat animations for units armed with a sword and a shield and now he is working on sword and shield matched combat. So we’re gonna show you them a next animations preview.

Music and sound

And the final part of this article - music. Filip Oleyka (who prepared music for Rise of Mordor mod) gave me a permission to use his music in my mod, so once you will get a mod and fight for a freedom of Middle-Earth on a campaign map, you will hear his epic music during the battles.

Make sure to check out his channel here ;)

Additionally I’ve changed some unit voices, so now Dunedains don't speak Japanese anymore :P

And that’s all.
Meanwhile I’d like to invite you on my new discord server, if you’d like to this mod or if you have some questions ;)

Now I’ll get some rest. See you next time!

Maer gwair!


For the valar! Continue the good work :)

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Good Luck and thank you soo much for this epic work! I´m really exitet for the Umbar faction. Are the umbarian infantry the standart units or elite?

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Sara_Temer Author

Umbar infantry from third screenshot is high tier units ;) Middle tier units currently looks same for Dunedain and Umbar

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Amazing work.
My compliments.
I also wanted to let you know that I just clicked on the "files" section up here, and -apparently- MODDb just let anyone upload files to be downloaded.
I don't know if this is a mistake from the site itself or if you need to revise it.

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Sara_Temer Author

I changed this ;)

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Great work guys!

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