Old Gold Source Laser Tag Mod. Has positional damage as you have to shoot the sensor on people. Also custom maps and built in bots. Did not exist on moddb and had to use wayback machine to find a download. Reuploading here for archival purposes.

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Lasermod Discord and Readme


Hello all!

This is a Discord I made for if you are interested in other Gold Source (GoldSrc, HL1, Half Life 1) mods or Source (Half Life 2, HL2) mods then feel free to join a new discord that i've started for matchmaking. I'm trying to centralize and unite the multiplayer mod communities for all of the various multiplayer mods out there. Feel free to check us out. We play a mod of the week every Saturday and Sunday.


We now have a lasermod section. Please let me know if you have extra info for this mod or its developers.

Thank You,

Below is the Readme

LaserMod Alpha 2.0

Installation Instructions

1. Unzip the file to your Half-Life folder. If you have a previous version of LaserMod
installed, please delete the lasermod folder before unzipping this file. Sorry to have
to ask people to delete their lasermod directories again. The mod is fairly small though,
but if you have a real problem with this, please let me know and I'll try to track updated
files more closely next time, however the next release will most likely be the same.

Launching the Mod

You have 2 options:

1. Open up Half-Life (or any other HL Mod) and click on "Custom Game". Select LaserMod
from the list. Click on "Activate".

2. Create a shortcut on your desktop with the following command line (adjust for your own
Half-Life folder location):

C:\Sierra\Half-Life\hl.exe -console -game lasermod -numericping

There is an icon available in the \lasermod\ folder if you'd like to use that.


Botman's bots have been added to the mod. They still need to get modified to work a little
better with LaserMod but at least the base is there. Have a look at the bot.cfg file for
more information on running bots.

A quick note about bots and the teamplay mode - the bots will only join the Red team for now.
This will be addressed in future updates (we were getting a few bugs).

Playing mp3s
(These instructions can be found in the mp3-readme.txt file in the 'music' folder)

Place mp3 music files in the /music/ folder under the lasermod directory. It should have
been created during the unzipping process. You can change this folder in Customize->Advanced
if you have mp3s elsewhere. Or you can change it in the console with the var cl_mp3directory.

These are the default keys, you can change them under 'controls'.

z - displays vgui mp3 player/playlist
x - skips to the previous track (or if at the start of the playlist, starts the first track)
c - pauses and unpauses mp3s
v - skips to next mp3 in list
b - stops playing the mp3

Changing your laser sound (DM only)

Use the command laser_sound # in the console
laser_sound 3
selects the third laser sound - valid entries are 1-4

LaserMod Core Team (alpha 2.0)

Strife` - Head coder, modeler, project leader
Magus - Mapper, 2d art
BigGuy - Coding, some sprites, various things (great help)
ToonCop - Coding, vgui mp3 player
Minusorange - helper monkey (idea guy, playtester)
Thor-Stryker - Mapper, made the Windows icon
CoRKSKReW - Player modeling
flipm0de - playtesting
Valkor - linux compiling environment
blade - 2D art, sprites, shell and concept art

And all the people who have offered suggestions on our forums, via email and IRC.

LaserMod Contributors (alpha 2.0)

ToonCop for his excellent VGUI mp3 player and for making our installer.

blade - new shell, sprites and concept art.

Misfit - second laser sound.

Botman (by providing the source to his bots). There would be no bots in this
mod without his excellent and dedicated work for the HL community!

FMod (mp3 player .dll integrated into the mod by ToonCop)

Darth_Soul - lm_soul
imagineer - lm_phasar
Magus` - lm_arena1
- lm_smw
Martakus Eratakus - lm_furious
Thor Stryker - lm_sewers

Help Us

We can never have enough mappers, since maps are what make a mod. Just drop Strife` a line
or better yet let him know where you can check out some of your work. If you'd like to do
some player models and/or skins, we would really appreciate it!


To all the people who took the time to post coding, modeling, mapping and everything else
mod-production related tutorials and source code online. I can't remember all the
resources I personally have used, but a special thanks goes out to BigGuy, Botman, the Fixxxer
and way too many other people to mention. Thank you, you're all just as much a part of this
mod as I am.

Alpha History

Alpha 2.0
-several things ommitted which were originally planned for this build I'm afraid :\
-vgui mp3 player by ToonCop -> new mp3 interface
-new maps: lm_furious, lm_phasar, lm_sewers, lm_soul
-fixed 'kill' exploit - no more lighting up areas with dead body flashlights
-'quit' when playing mp3s crashing bug fixed

Alpha 1.5
-major work done on teamplay mode
-laser tag vests added (3 different colours for teamplay)
-mp3 code tweaked, put more of it client-side (fixed linux problem)
-allowed user to set more controls for mp3 including what keys to use and what directory to
find mp3s in
-full public release, as opposed to alpha 1.37 which was by request only
-map lm_smw introduced
-map lm_arena1 renamed back to original name (dropped the 'l')
-laser grenades redone, but are only accessable via sv_cheats 1 and don't kill bots (had a nasty
crashing bug with the bots - working it out)

Alpha 1.37
-bots added (Botman's bots modified)
-items from regular HL deathmatch maps stripped in code (all except long-jump module),
meaning mod now supports regular DM maps for the most part

Alpha 1.3
-new lasergun sounds, all user selectable via console command (laser_sound #)
-mp3 player incorportated, only instruction offered to users was the pre-made bound keys
-new version of lm_arena1, now called lm_arena1l (l for large) introduced

Alpha 1.2
-shoulder and back hitboxes added
-idle lasergun animation redone
-deactivated sprite over player head and misc. HUD changes implemented

Alpha 1.1
-front hitbox and target code completed, players deactivated when shot and remained so for
several seconds

Alpha 1.0
-uh, I forget
-I think it had the lasergun model and shot a really off laser entity with a crappy sound
-map lm_arena1 included, lighting problems

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Laser Mod v2.0 Alpha Full

Laser Mod v2.0 Alpha Full

Full Version

Full latest version of Lasermod. does not currently work with Steam. Expect an updated zip version in the future that is Steam compatible.

RecycledDoom Creator
RecycledDoom - - 58 comments

I've gotten tired of not being able to reliably find games for old Gold Source (GoldSrc, HL1, Half Life 1) mods or Source (Half Life 2, HL2) mods, so I made a discord about just that. I am also trying to make this place an informational hub. I'm trying to centralize and unite the multiplayer mod communities for all of the various multiplayer mods out there. We play a mod of the week every Friday/Saturday.

Check us out.


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