Originally started as a map-pack, the project outgrew itself and started a new life, a stand-alone mod. The action adventure (with RPG elements) takes place in the fantasy world of Loria, a Human kingdom besieged by conflict with the Orcs. A group of heroes, which includes you, is being cast down by the All-Seeing-Eye to save humanity once again. Travel alone or with your friends in co-operative mode, through the rich and colourful world of Loria and end the Orc's evil reign. Land of Legends uses a Sven Co-op 3.0 code base, but replaces all original content, surpassing SC's origional customisability. Our model and mapping style ranges from toony to semi-realistic. We're trying to build a living and colourful world for the player to be in. This MOD was in production from 2005 to 2009 by a small team of developers called DevEd and was released in December 2009.

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It's an interesting attempt at trying something new with Half Life mods, but I'm afraid the quest and level design just isn't there. And melee combat is not enough to carry a mod for Half Life.

I tried really hard to enjoy this mod, considering it seems to have a lot of potential to it. But, there's a few things massively wrong with it... For starters, there's no real quest log to tell you what you're doing or what you need to get or what you've already gotten, and secondly, there's no real direction telling you what the heck to do or where to go next. I started the game, got my weapon, and now, I'm completely stuck on where to go or what to do. No NPCs give me any more quests and I can't go anywhere or do anything. Secondly, it's a multiplayer mode only sort of mod so there's NO ABILITY TO SAVE. So I ended up giving up and uninstalling it.


Epic Mod!!!

Interestic mod


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