Lambda Wars (formerly Half-Life 2: Wars) brings the struggle between the human resistance and their Combine overlords to a multiplayer real-time strategy setting. The Lambda Wars beta only requires Alien Swarm installed to play. It features 3 multiplayer game modes: Sandbox, Annihilation and Overrun, showcasing the Rebels and Combine playable factions and a full-fledged RTS interface and HUD. There is also a singleplayer tutorial and a handful of singleplayer missions.

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Beta 2.3.2 is out with new units, structures, and a whole slew of bugfixes and balancing changes. Also, Lambda Wars was Greenlit last month and is coming to Steam this year!

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Lambda Wars Beta 2.3.2 is now available for download! This patch is primarily a balancing and bugfixing release based on the past couple months of playtests, and gameplay has been drastically improved over the previous Beta 2.3.1 release. See the full changelog below.

This patch also introduces a few new units and structures - the Rebel Barrel Trap (which you can see below), the Combine Headcrab Canister Launcher (for launching headcrab mortars like those seen in Ravenholm), the Combine Claw Scanner (a flying Synth that drops Hopper Mines). There is also a new Combine Synth Factory model and associated building and destruction animations.

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We are now offering both an EXE installer (top link) and a 7zip archive (bottom link) for your convenience.

EXE Installer for Beta 2.3.2:

7zip Archive for Beta 2.3.2:

Alternate Mirrors: Beta 2.3.2 (EXE) | Beta 2.3.2 (7zip)

Let us know what you think of the changes! As many of you have probably noticed, we were also Greenlit in the January batch of Greenlight titles, which means that Lambda Wars is coming to Steam in a few months! We have quite a bit of work to do integrating the game with the Steamworks API, so we'll go into more detail about the time frame for our Steam launch in later news posts. We also have removed the mod from Desura due to the high volume of issues people were having attempting to install via Desura.

Lambda Wars 2.3.2 changes
Improvements and Balance:

* Rescaled all costs of units to 10 times higher, while control points and power generators now generate income 10 times faster
* Scrap can now be collected to Rebel Billets, but lowered the amount of collected scrap per run
* Scaled down shared income from allied control points in team games
* Added Combine Headcrab Cannister launcher
* Added Rebel Barrel Trap
* Added new unit Claw Scanner to Combine (buildable at Synth factory) with the ability to deploy and produce Combine Mines
* Removed Combine Mine from metro police (moved to Claw Scanner)
* Added Antlion to Rebels Vortigaunt Den
* Added "Flash" ability to Combine Observer/Scanner, which reduces vision from enemies for a duration of time
* Added "Smoke Grenade" ability to Rebel Saboteur, which blocks the Fog of War around the area of effect
* Scaled down Strider to 75% of it's original size
* Hunter's charge ability no longer stops on hitting an enemy and also stuns any enemy along the path
* Hunter now uses a melee attack when close to the enemy
* Increased recharge time grenade ability from 5 to 15 seconds
* Decreased throw range of grenade ability from 1000 to 800
* Building construction progress is now visualized through a progress bar above the building
* Increased Combine Synth factory health to 800
* Combine Elite alt fire (energy ball) now does 250 damage against Strider on hit, similar to buildings
* Headcrabs can now turn human like units into zombies when their health is low enough
* Increased Combine Mine detonate radius from 150 to 175
* Added cost of 75 power to strider cannon shot
* Reduced unlock times of AR2/SG to 20 seconds and grenade to 40 seconds
* Reduced floor turrets costs and lowered health and construction time
* Floor turrets deployment now requires a metro police to construct the turret
* Random crates are now turned off by default

* New Combine Synth factory model (including work and destruction animations)
* New Rebels Billet model (including construct and destruction animations)

HUD and UI:
* Abilities tool-tip now shows the full name of resource costs, instead of just the first character
* New minimap icons for Control Points, Scrap points and crates, to better separate them from other units

* UPDATED: hlw_slumdoll
* UPDATED: hlw_mine (added two new control points)
* UPDATED: hlw_abandoned (added neutral rock barricades)
* UPDATED: hlw_camp
* UPDATED: hlw_village
* UPDATED: or_trapped
* UPDATED: or_city

CPU Player:
* Easy CPU is now less aggressive when capturing control points
* Single player difficulty is now applied to the CPU player

* Added "Antlion Guard Boss" to Antlions wave mode (larger and stronger version of Antlion Guard)

Unit AI and Navigation:
* All map navigation meshes are more simplified now, fixing various navigation issues

* Combine Observer move order
* Decreased stalker laser sound volume
* New Rebel Billet destruction sound

* Spawning a Combine Energy Cell building directly in Sandbox mode does not show the electricity particle effect
* Combine Observers revealing friendly cloaked units
* Recharge/resources not taken when throwing a grenade cancelling the order during the throw animation
* Units sometimes ignore enemies because they move back to their idle position
* Manhacks get stuck on walls and cliffs, while they should move upwards
* Manhacks keep moving backwards sometimes after slicing an enemy
* Grenade ability: No resources taken and recharge not set when moving the unit during animation before the grenade is thrown
* Grenade ability: Being able to move the unit during the throw animation by giving a new order
* Combine Elite Energy Ball ability taking resources twice
* Rally lines incorrectly drawn when targeting buildings/units
* Death sound incorrectly played while dissolving
* Old player positions not cleared in game lobby when selecting a different map
* Unable to select another CPU difficulty when there is already a CPU is a gamelobby slot
* Movement keys might be in a "stuck" state after leaving direct unit control, causing the player to move into a direction forever
* Key bindings configurations not always correctly saved after switching rts and fps configs
* Powered combine buildings always playing powered up/down sounds when a new power generator is spawned
* Added missing player control group key bindings for 7, 8, 9 and 0

* Updated unit descriptions
* Started on initial translations for German and Russian (WIP)
* Added entity "fow_blocker" for manipulating the fog of war
* Added entity "wars_ability_manager" for manipulating the available abilities in single player
* Added entity "wars_music_controller" for controlling music in single player
* Added entity "wars_population_listener", which fires output events for population changes (single player)
* Updated JQWidgets to version 3.1.0
* Renamed browser helper process from cef.exe to lambdawars_browser.exe
* Game now detects if the Browser helper process fails to start (for example due being sand-boxed by security software)


thanks guys i dont think we thank you enough keep up the good work

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