Lambda Wars (formerly Half-Life 2: Wars) brings the struggle between the human resistance and their Combine overlords to a multiplayer real-time strategy setting. The Lambda Wars beta only requires Alien Swarm installed to play. It features 3 multiplayer game modes: Sandbox, Annihilation and Overrun, showcasing the Rebels and Combine playable factions and a full-fledged RTS interface and HUD. There is also a singleplayer tutorial and a handful of singleplayer missions.

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Better color of Rebel caps
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I'm glad that the mod does not stop developing and updating!

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This is exactly the kind of team color that should be done. :D

So here's a thing though: Earlier it was mentioned that you didn't want to do something like make the helmets of Combine team color, due to that not being lore-accurate. I think a good compromise would be to change the design of the units. Instead of using the actual lore-based designs, you could go with new/altered designs. Because of this, you have complete free reign over how the lore-design should be since it's completely new. No need to worry about if it's not going to be accurate. With that said, I think you could add some kind of shoulder pad that has team color or a team colored backpack for the existing Combine infantry as an example of such a change. When it comes to the mechs, it would be a bit more difficult to alter or redesign the Strider. I don't fully remember if the Hunter had good team color or not, but I think it did? Not sure. As for the Roller Mine, it's such a simple and basic design that adding team color onto it should be no problem.

I cannot stress this enough and it's something so many RTS games fail at, even the AAA big-budget produced ones (SC2 had horrible barely visible team color for years before they finally added the team color intensity option).

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HEVcrab Author

Let me dive into sweet memories: when Ninja Nub was on the team, we had massive discussions working out the team color elements (I was suggesting/directing, he was implementing) of Striders, Hunters, Vorts and DOGs,
My own skills are almost zero, I just lightened those caps up in GIMP with VTF plug-in, and just set full white and copied the Antlion color elements.

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I hope you'll also improve the team coloring for the other units, as well (Templarfreak's comment to Antlion texture update :D)
Here you are)) the caps of Rebels were too dark before.
P.S. As the new Squad Wars gamemode supports up to 12 players, I made 12 player colors, one of them (bright orange) is showcased here and differs well enough from both HL2 orange and red.

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