No amount of former gameplay time will make you any better in this mod, but rather common sense does. You will no longer just be fighting over arbitrary cap points and bridges, but for fire superiority of wide 'danger areas' and cover. You will have to move men with care to avoid enemy angles of fire and stack your own firepower carefully to achieve fire superiority. One man in the right place at the right time could overcome ten times his number. The game is no longer a trade of special 'power' abilities that resembles a pokemon battle.

GAMEPLAY: Kriegspiel comes with an overhauled upgrade and economy system, all infantry, team weapons, and tanks requiring their respective resources. This creates an environment where the stakes are high and forces the players to move and fight more strategically to preserve less-disposable assets in a more dangerous world of realism. Don't be mistaken, this doesn't make the game feel any slower, and in a pitted multiplayer match with experienced Kriegspiel players you'd be scrambling to keep up. Abilities for units are more standardized in Kriegspiel - unlike other tuning packs and the vanilla game - so you'll be able to pick up and play with any unit from any faction nearly the same way - just with that faction's respective weapons and quality of troops. All factions advance by the Battle Phase system, which advances in increments of 6-5 command points, in order to keep all players advancing at approximately the same time. Each battle phase 'unlocks' another year in the war; I.e., you start with 1941 weapons, units, and equipment and progress to 1944-45. I felt a system like this was necessary with realistic variables as the vanilla game had an awful habit of pitting HEAT weapons against early war tanks and 1942 German tanks against 1944 Russians. Armchair panzer leaders would definitely appreciate this aspect as Tiger I's get paired against masses of T-34/76's.

NEW UNITS: Factions now have access to most of their units. Even added a PzKfw V with an auto-loading KwK 44/2 L70 gun!

SQUADS: Squad sizes increased and changed to a rough relation to real life.

LINE OF SIGHT: All units can now see up to 300 meters. Units no longer have an omniscient 360-degree view around them, only in the directions individual soldiers are facing and their peripherals.

PARTICLES AND EFFECTS: Most bodies will stay forever. Shell effects switched to better fit the size and type shell being fired. Molotov liquid combustion dot effects added to all flamethrowers. Tracers are removed from all weapons except for machineguns, and larger blood mist affects to hit units to help the player see the effectiveness of given or received fire.

MORALE: New infantry morale system which gives infantry a chance to rout when faced with heavy casualties. Better quality troops are less likely to rout.

REALISTIC RANGES: Rifles and machine guns engage up to 300m, assault rifles and carbines engage at 200m, and submachineguns engage at 100m. Field guns, tank guns, and mortars reach out to several kilometers.

CRITICAL COMBAT: All weapons now inflict critical hits upon penetration; randomizing combat and allowing for instant kills. Tank shells are capable of evicerating their target in one lucky shot while high caliber anti-material machineguns tear their victims to pieces.

COVER: Cover has been improved. Now, bullet damage is no longer halved against cover, but is less accurate. There's actually an incentive now to garrison your troops in buildings and bunkers.

NEW ABILITIES: Engineers can now construct all field defenses. All infantry can 'hit the dirt' and engage while prone, and except for weapon crews, can sprint to minimize casualties and avoid enemy angles of fire. Infantry squads also can camouflage themselves, which is activated while in cover and suspended when they fire. They have a 'hold fire' ability for your disposal as well to allow them to keep themselves hidden. Armor can now discharge smoke to make their escape. Vehicles also have a speed toggle so they can support infantry or cruise on their own. Halftrack and wheeled vehicle speed is increased so that the use of mechanized infantry is actually beneficial. New doctrine system being developed as vanilla commander abilities don't fit the mod well.

SMALL ARMS: Rates of fire redone. In the original game, 'burst' weapon rate of fire is relative to distance from the target. That is incomprehensibly dumb. As bad as Nazis and Commies are, their proximity to you does not manipulate the cycling action of your weapon. I made all weapons use their real rate of fire. You can now cut your enemies to pieces with the 1200 RPM MG-42 , which, for you math whizzes out there, is 20 rounds/second.
- Burst rates overhauled. Machine gunners will hold bursts longer, up to 5 seconds in close-quarter environments. Consequently they need to reload more frequently.
- Projectile speed changed. All projectiles now go their full speed. Each projectile has it's own appropriate velocity.
- Ballistic weapon accuracy and damage has also been reworked, relative to the type of weapon, projectile, range, and the skill of the unit. Close quarters combat is quick and vicious while long range skirmishes may ensue for a considerable amount of time. Moving units no longer engage like a rabble of CoD kiddies and must be stationary to be effective.
- All weapons have the potential to suppress, not just machine guns. It largely comes down to rate of fire, so stack multiple rifle squads against an enemy unit to suppress.
- Scatter altered. Bullets now travel along a more linear path and fall much further from the target if they miss. Bullets no longer are shot in the air at ridiculous angles never to return to earth. This causes units set behind another unit engaged in a firefight to be susceptible to fire from that engagement. The bullet scatter system Relic originally had was convenient for its arcade ranges but created wide arcs with short 'beaten zones' at long ranges.

HIGH-EXPLOSIVES: Mortars and grenades have a larger and 'stratified' area effect radius, to simulate the effect of both the blast and fragmentation. Previously, only the blast kills; but now some units several meters away can buy the farm. If you see that some units die further away from a blast than others, this is the reason why. The range at which this effect occurs is dependent on projectile size and the cover of the target unit, for instance, an 81mm mortar round has a chance to kill up to about 15 meters, while a 155m shell can touch its victims from 50 meters away from the point of impact.

FLAK: Flak cannon are now potent anti-personnel weapons, with their high rate sof fire and high explosive blast area.

FLAMETHROWERS: Flamethrowers engage at their real respective ranges. The Churchill and KV-8 make pop-tarts out of infantry from nearly 100 meters away.

ROCKETS: Launchers like the American T-34 Calliope and the German Maultier are powerful high explosive saturation barrage weapons. They shoot their full arsenal of rockets and have a much larger and random scatter area than vanilla.
- Anti-tank rockets and launchers overhauled. Bazookas, 'Schrecks, PIAT's and 'Fausts are armed with devastating shaped-charge HEAT rounds, which rely on their explosive power to penetrate armor, rather than velocity. This keeps their high penetration consistent at all distances, though suffer from poor accuracy. Tankers beware of moving in close quarters!

TANKS: Tank combat revamped. Armor and penetration values changed to mirror reality. Shell scatter altered for more realism. Deflected hits can cause spalling damage which has a potential to kill or injure the crew, and incendiaries can damage engines by being sucked through the intake.

ARTILLERY: Arty are powerful indirect fire assets and integral to any effective offense. You have a wide range of off-board and local arty units and abilities at your disposal; from (REAL) creeping smoke and HE mortar barrages to rapid rocket barrages to slow fire 105mm and 25 pounder; from devastating 240mm siege guns to incendiary barrages that level towns. Barrages range from covering large swaths of area (some over 300m in diameter) to precision barrages, and no matter what faction you are you'll artillery for your purposes, which it be anti-material, area denial, or covering a mass combined arms assault on fortified positions. Bring true shock and awe to your opponent in this mod!

VETERANCY: Completely revamped veterancy system to better fit the mod. Veterancy is the skill of the unit; and it improves unit effectiveness and survivability. Veterancy is no longer shared or affects non-skill related weapon attributes, like penetration or rate of fire.

- Terrain elevation is not taken into account by the game's LOS system and therefore will not stop bullets. This is hardly noticeable on the official maps which are largely flat but becomes apparent on a few community-made maps. This is a fault of the engine and has only become noticeable with increased ranges.
- Edit UI text and icon on units, abilities, and weapons. I would like the game to feel more historical.

If you like the mod, join the group to find other players and receive update notifications: Steamcommunity.com

If you have any questions or concerns please comment and let me know what you think. I need critiques to improve this mod and compliments really help give me incentive to do it. Please enjoy the mod.

Steam Workshop link, subscribe to download:


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Comments  (0 - 10 of 14)

can this be applied to the campaign gameplay or does it have to be loaded manually in game on spec map?

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so where is the mod ?
i cant seem to download the mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

steam workshop

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

You have to have COH2 on steam

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

holy **** this mod is great!
I mean... difficult as hell to get into, and maps with significant levels of elevation differences are a killer to immersion, but holy **** do i appreciate the level of realism you brought to this game with this mod!
It's like playing theatre of war, but with sensible command-control and actual decent graphics!!
Honest to god i have not been this hype about any mod since i originally found BK for coh1.
God bless you my man. God bless.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


"The game is no longer a trade of special 'power' abilities that resembles a pokemon battle"

russia uses katjuscha! its very effective!

nice mod, i'll try it as soon as my exams are over

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Hello! Mod seems promising. When you write "Factions now have access to most of their units"... this means doctrinal/rare commander units can be built?

Have you got a list of unit that are included in your mod?

Thanks ;)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
RebelSchutze Creator

Yes! I'd love to create new units, and I have the mod tools and the knowledge how to do it, however the tools doesn't read my Java correctly so that it is impossible to create new attribute files to make new units with, so I am left to only recycle what is given.
Pretty much the units are vanilla, but larger squads sizes, altered armaments, and a completely new set off abilities. There are no more restrictions on these units so you can cull together a force to meet any situation.
That being said, it is impossible to make new unit models for CoH2, so I primarily focus on unit combat flexibility over diversity anyway, and I implore players to try this mod in pvp with a friend to fully appreciate the authentic complexity and brutality of my combat.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Any non steam version?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
RebelSchutze Creator

I'll see what I can do to get one up, but I can't guarantee that it'll be updated quite as frequently as the steam version. That being said, I highly encourage you to buy a faction on steam to play the mod; the mod is best played in multiplayer.

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