Traverse through a Combine raided Kraken base along with Alyx. Mod made by XBLAH and alex_mmc for the Companion Piece competition of Maplabs.

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DeanAmythe says

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Quite good for the time given.
Seems you two might've been a bit too ambitious though, as some areas, especially the later ones, felt very rushed.
Developer commentary was a nice addition, although you may want to run some more checks on spelling/pronounciation next time. Not much of an issue though.
I liked how you guys used the ichthyosaur, as I barely see it in HL2 maps. It was implemented very well here, although I did find the chase sequence to be too easy because all you have to do is run down the hallways and you'll be fine. Some more obstacles like props blocking you or some zombies might've improved the section.
The combat was imo the weakest part of the map, the areas didn't seem designed for it at all, as the only cover in a lot of areas are corners and that just doesn't work well. Needed more cover so the player has options to move around.


ReezeTheVampire says

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This, you know, alright. For such a large map for a Map pack, it's pretty solid. I think it would have been a lot better if it was more condensed and polished. There wasn't really anything here that stood out to me as particularly good or bad.

The most stand-out mediocre part was the combat in combination with the level design. The combat itself was HL2 combat. The level design was okay, at least I never got lost. But in combination, they didn't work well together. The areas where you fight the combine were pretty dull and their movements weren't well orchestrated. in the end, most of the fights were you and them standing on either side of the room shooting until one fell over because there wasn't really anywhere to go and the combine weren't given the freedom to move around.

I think the only thing I thought was silly is how, right at the very end, Alyx and Mossman escape and it feels like you're going to have to fight your way out, but then you go through a hole in the wall and up a ladder to win anyway, seemed like a waste of time and effort to me, should have just gotten on the elevator.

Like I said, it's fine, so it gets that middle grade 5.


tman999 says

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Is this complete? If so, it needs a patch. Cannot complete game after climbing
stairs in 2 rocket silo's. One of the doors in jail section needs to open, but does not. End up being stuck.

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