well this is a mod that brings kotor to life, there will be a single player story, it takes place during the mandalorian wars, you will see the struggle the republic went through , the jedis struggle with the dark and the light . . . we are pulling up our socks, and getting all of this done by the deadline. sp everyone can fall inlove with this mod . . . on that note if this mod is a success then there WILL be a second kotor mod game, we can assume the second mod would take place in the jedi civil war ( MY FAVORTIVE ERA) the fall of revan and malak the legacy of the star forge jedi, sith the death of many, STAR WARS KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC: THE MANDALORIAN WARS

Post news Report RSS its that time of the year...

read the content , because i dont thin kanyone reads the summary, because the summary is to summon THE LIVING DEAD!!!! OF YESTER YEAR...or some other lame movie, anyway the summary is over now i hope you enjoy those few presious seconds i took away from your lives

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thats right folks its that time of year, that time where people are happy ...and such thats right its NEW PICTURE UPDATE DAY , its coming and its going to be huge, showing some of our first levels you will see jedi sith and mandos and many even a dead republic soilder WE DONT KNOW ITS NOT CENCORED!!!!!

map model intake update!!

as you can clearly tell from the video i posted, the teranatank will likely eat you, its slightly more stronger then a normal rancor, infact, ive beaten it only once with the help of 20 rosh penins as bait and distraction , ( yay rosh is finally dead)

anyway about 2 people have handed in the model contest i put out there, but yea its still going

as for scrpiting, ive been having a probelm, my comptuer refuses to run BehavED and all of its yummy componets , i will figure out this probelm since my computer fixes everything and eventaully forces things to run (its a super duper evil computer)

as for the voice of the "sith experiment" we found him, also he does sound kinda creepy ...like a vampire creepy

and as you all know you wonderful little fans, we have the voices for Andor Serge Andrea and Thrawn
and if any of you wish to be, in this ( as in other non important charaters although some do play a good role)

anyway in about 2 days the pictures will be up, and im not doing it now because im SUPER LAZY!!!! (with kicking action) plus im trying to figure out why my main menu doesnt have music

ao thats this weeks news, toon in next week for the STORY LINE AND WHAT YOU DO IN EACH MISSION


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