This mod is made to make the game more intense and also pirate survival. I will be adding maps designed just for this mod at a later time. For now just make your own with crazy amounts of starting resources. It is the best way to play the mod.

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The mod, enjoy. Any feedback would be appreciated after u played at least 2 full matches all the way threw on the hardest diffculty. Best to play against reshearchers.

Kog's Law 1.0

i downloaded this mod.. i liked it. no noticable bugs... then the pirates came.... every time i started a game with them turned on... They. Are. Over. Powered!.

i mean common!! seriously. 12 or 13 cap ships just raping you in the begining!! NOT cool..

sorry. but i just rage quit every time i acidentaly left them on and i got really annoyed. now. i would understand if you put 3 or even 5 cap ships in the begining. but the current setting is just retarded! 3 or 5 cap ships would just be enough to stress a player and make him or her go on overdrive with defences..

and now for the good things.. well except for the pirates. everything is good. i actually play with this mod enabled all the time. BUT if i ever forget to turn pirates of then i just rage..

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Heya thought I'd give some feedback on the mod.

First of all it's a great Mod! Love the higher cap limit, personally I just prefer spamming cap ships rather than making a fleet, so ideal for me. :P Also love the fact there's no strike craft cruisers/carriers, makes the AI build other ships rather than spamming the crap outa them. Lastly the higher number of resource asteroids is great for promoting combat and research without having to worry all the time about conquering new planets for the resources etc.

However there was a few slight issues I did notice. As mentioned by "willyTHERAVAGER" (what a name haha) the pirates are very over powered, i played against 5 hard Ai's and the early waves of pirates eradicated each faction everytime they had the highest bounty. It came to my turn and they appeared with over 10 cap ships complete with shields, and this was like the 3rd wave of pirates. Instant loss. A possible suggestion would be to lower the cap ship numbers in the early stages of the game, so they gain in number as usual the longer the game progresses; I like the challenge of having a hard pirate faction to beat, but unless you have the credits to fend them off, your gunna get pwned real hard, and unfairly.

Also! I couldn't help but notice when i played as either vasari faction they started with no tactical structures ( i.e cap ship foundry etc) and the normal amount of credits, where as the other factions always had these starting structures. ( Yes I did have quick start on, and I did test the same map with the advent and TEC who did recieve the structures.) Just wondering if this is an issue or intentional?

ANYHOOO despite these small issues, it's a very good Mod, and I leave it on all the time now :P Much better than the vanilla IMO!

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