Kings and Conquerors: The Hellenistic Era is a total conversion mod for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots that aims to bring the Hellenistic period to life.

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WARNING: This article is heavily outdated, as major changes have been made to the mod since it was published.

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Our first Mod Update is really an introduction to the world of Kings and Conquerors by means of an FAQ that aims to answer some of the important questions concerning this modification. So without further ado, I present you with the Official Kings and Conquerors FAQ!

- What is this mod about?
Kings and Conquerors is about the rise of human civilisation in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, all the way from the Homeric kingdoms to the Renaissance. This means that you will be able to play as many of the different great nations of the Ancient, Classical and Medieval periods such as the Macedonian Kingdom of Alexander the Great, the Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire.

Theban Sacred Band Hoplites about to clash with Athenian Epilektoi Hoplites

- What nations will there be?
In Kings and Conquerors, there will be around 12 factions. Currently we plan on including the following:

- Hellenes
- Italians
- French
- English
- Iberians
- Germans
- Hungarians
- Scandinavians
- Turks/Persians
- Egyptians
- Berbers/Carthaginians/Moors
- Slavs

However, this is not a final list and we may be adding extra factions. Why are there only 12 factions? This is because, with the level of detail we are planning, there are not enough unit slots for 24 factions, and we are already pushing at this limit with 12 factions.

- What makes this different from other Rise of Nations mods?
An important feature of Kings and Conquerors is that nations are extremely unique - don't expect multiple nations to share units of the same appearance except when it comes to civilian units. We are placing much as much emphasis as possible on historical accuracy, and we will not use any historical cliches. If you do see any, please inform us immediately! Additionally, gameplay and combat will be enhanced to make it more realistic, so for example projectiles can easily take out unarmoured units, the population will be much greater and destroying forts and capturing larger towns will not be an easy task. Also, we are putting much effort into making highly detailed models and textures, and lastly we are introducing a great deal of new features.

Peasant skirmishers face off against Hoplites in a brutal fight

- Could you explain what these new features are?
There will be many new features, and I'm sure we'll be continually coming up with more as the mod progresses, but for now, here are a few important features we plan on implementing:

- Sub-faction system where nations become focused on the main power of a region for each age. For example, the Greeks start off as Mycenaeans, become the Greek City States, move onto the Macedonian kingdom, turn into Roman Greeks and finally evolve to the Byzantine Empire.
- Unique Buildings provide nations with extra boni.
- New unit types such as Elite Units, Religious Units, Levies and Mercenaries.
- Mercenaries can be trained in companies, composed of different units hailing from regions that haven't made it as main factions.
- Advanced formations, which provide units inside them with certain boni and penalties. So the hoplites for example can form a phalanx, which boosts armour, but hinders maneuvrability.
- Generals can fight and have unique boni for each faction.
- Not just the generals have auras, elite units have similar effects as well. Also, priests can heal nearby units.

- Who is making it?
There are currently three members working on this project. On the modding side of things, there is Super7700 and Uthum876, and do_i_ob is doing a great job with research.

- When will you release it?
When we have finished the Hellenes and Italians, we will make our first release. As this mod has only just started, we are not planning to release anything anytime soon. To compensate, we'll be putting up plenty of updates and images along the way, so stay tuned!

- Why are you already redoing all the models and textures you've made?
I made this decision to make everything as historically accurate and as visually appealing as possible, which is of course our goal when it comes to the appearance of units. This has mainly been about adding detail, such as more realistic looking armour and updating shield designs, and making sure there is plenty of variation between units, such as adding some popular helmet types and variations which I had previously ignored, and adding some extra breastplate and greave designs

A comparison between the epilektoi and ekdromoi before and after the redesign

- Can I help?
Definitely - we need experienced modellers, texturers and scripters. We also need researchers - as long as you have a decent knowledge of the eras our mod covers and are enthusiastic, we want you!

- I have some ideas for this mod...
Please share any ideas you have! We need your suggestions to make this mod as exciting, accurate and as unique as possible.

PROGRESS REPORT - 14/06/2012

Right now Super7700 is completing the Greek City State and Macedonian era foot soldiers, Uthum876 is creating some excellent Roman models and do_i_ob is researching for the Italian roster, and is now focusing on their medieval units. Overall we are making good progress with models and textures, though we are yet to start with the coding.


Everything's looking great, keep it up

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Super7700 Author

Thank you!

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Brilliant!!! Your modding skills are surpassing mine!

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Super7700 Author

Thanks, but I'm pretty sure your modding skills are far ahead of mine, which is why it is so great having you on the team.

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Hi Super! Good job on this mod and models. I particularly enjoy the fact that you're focusing on the early greek period : it reminds me of the glorious days of Age of Empires I, when the world trembled at the sound of our Hoplites !
I'm eager to find back that feeling with your mod. Keep it up !

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Super7700 Author

Thanks for your kind words!

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Hello, a quick comment:

I am going to port Via Sericaria, my own classical era mod, from RoN to the Spring engine. May I use any skins you reject for my own work?

Also, aside from the dromon and the caravel (which you have or should have received), what is the status on my other vessels, such as the cannon galley, the lanternas and the galleass? will you be skinning them now that I've repaired the meshes, or would you rather leave them alone?

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Super7700 Author

Do you mean textures or models? I suppose I can provide you with both if you want. It just depends on whether I have any rejected material. Because I am redoing all the Greek and Macedonian models that I've already made, I do have quite a few old models and textures which I can give to you.

I have your caravel, but I don't have the fixed copies of the other models. I will probably try to make some skins once I have these models, but I have a lot of other things I need to do as well so there's no guarantee that I will skin them.

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Those models can wait, the Westerners of Rise of Kings can use the fusta, although it will have to be renamed as the "Galliot" for now. Mediterranean and Asian vessels are more important since they were more or less ubiquitous for all and sundry involved. After the Mediterranean and Azure Dragons x-packs, I will then release them, one ship at a time.

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