Adds Arnor as a playable faction with some tweaks and fixes.

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bfmsand says

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One of the typical Arnor Mods that has been made since release of RotWk.
A little thanks because you made it but i have to give you no big rating because there are already much better Arnor Mods out there.

Also this mod itself has no real arnor structures just the normal gondor / vanilla arnor buildings, so just your typical *enable arnor faction and maybe but some additional units into it* mod.

EDIT: Gave it at least 3 points for the little effort.


elJorobado says

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They are the same units and buildings of Gondor. And Isildur is Aragorn renowned.


VladImplies says

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phutt says

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it is good work, but has very little creativity yet. you know, arnor mods are so many.
it needs some creative ideas, one of them i complained.
good luck to you. try your best, i think, you can get grade 10 if be more creative. many things that are not implemented in book are so visible in reality.
for example, siege weapons. if you search middle age siege weapons, see that many of them was invented before this age. would be good create more of them then only trebushet.
same problem has everyone, not only you, but even you may be dont want that your mad was same to another.
best wishes
Ainc Ual Goun


Vanders says

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Fixing the issues with the vanilla Arnor faction is just what I wanted from an Arnor mod. Thanks!


Madokureo says

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