Kingdom Management A Modification That Allows Complete Use Of The Management Protocals And Economic Devices.

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Disapointed... I was expecting a mod with lots of new features for the Kingdom Managment ( after all, that's the very concept of the mod ) but all I could do is what could be done with Diplomacy... It's like if you just changed the name of Diplomacy mod, changed the troops and added items ( which doesn't have any relation to the Kingdom Managment )

I agree with Thorusus. This is nothing more the a copy and paste Diplomacy mod. No new aspects. Barely any new weapons and armor. No New options in camp. Diplomacy itself get's a 9/10 all day, but this is supposed to be a new mod.


Cozur says

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This guy steals assets like polar bears eat seals. A lot.

Words cannot express how much this "mod creator" should be banned. What's his endgame? No one knows.

Idk Mod theft is a pretty serious claim.


Just to counter Cozur's bad review. Mod creators don't deserve this.


I believe that a 10/10 is justified because this mod is simple but later in time this mod will not stray away from Native an keep the Native feel of it.I hope my review will at the very least persuade you to at least test this mod. I have high hopes for this mod ! If you need further persuading email me at

It gives a Nice Sense to It. Could Really get some Work into it, I give a 1, For it's potential.
I like many new features, allthough it may look hard or really basic, I understand the Prject Venteus is making. What Native Warband failed to really acomplish, A good Kingdom/Empire/Castle/village Managment. Im glad to see People giving it good feedback and to see that this Early version is winning more renown among other game enchancers. I like it.
Nice Mod Venteus, Keep Going!

Its a great mod i hope to see more done to it!

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