Killzone Source Started as a project for me to learn how the Source engine worked. I've been a advent Game modder throughout the gaming world for over 20 Years this is the first time i learned how to code animate & Rig. In all it's been about 6 years to learn design and release this mod never thought i would be releasing this to the public. This is not the full KILLZONE game just a recreation of the Strange Company Mission from the game this is not a exact copy of the game play models and textures. but my vision of the KILLZONE world. In no way should i or anyone else who downloads this file sell or profit from the file or files contained in the download. If anyone has any problems running the game leave a post and i'll try my best to help you out

curryking3 says

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very faithful, nice use of original Killzone art and models

needs more balancing in enemies aiming

needs more balancing for player weapons (sniper and pistols far too powerful with very high rate of fire compared to primary weapons)

needs ammo obtained from enemies to be much higher (3 secondary rounds + 9 primary rounds from the Helghast assault rifle pickup doesn't make any sense when it is so scarce to begin with :D)

if followed the weapon balancing and enemy balancing of the original more closely I think it would be even better, but already very good!

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It's killzone enough.

May 21 2015 by conard