I am Cornelius, the servant of the Moore's mansion. One day something was really wrong. The mansion went really mad and everything was madness. It made my mind tricky and something evil was trying to stop me. - Our First custom story so leave comment what did u like and what u did not. It helps us to improve.

KrustiClawn says

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Its easy to see that this is your first custom story. This map have texture glitches EVERYWHERE! And to be honest, its boring as hell and I'm going to explain why.

To start with, what is the story here? I mean, you know your name and you know why you are alone, but then what? Not intresting story at all.

Secondly, I have no idea why you changed the size on the keys to a size bigfoot would use, but okey. The thing is, you used keys in every room! Your only goal in the entire map is to find keys after keys after keys.

Third: You have the same unatural event in every room just like the keys. I admit, I did jump the first 2-3 times, but then I got used to it


I also saw a butt in a desk farting. Ha Ha Ha! I didn't know you were allowed to play this if you are under 8.

And the last thing, its just as short as the dead bodie's penises.

Conclusion: I dont recommand this to anyone over the age of 8. This guy(s) can't be older than 8 years old. Their mapping is horrible and their humor is also horrible. Only positive thing were the first jump scare. But then you get used to it I'm afraid. I would leave this behind my if I were you, grow up and start a new project. This is ridiculous.

2/10 - Really bad

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