I am Cornelius, the servant of the Moore's mansion. One day something was really wrong. The mansion went really mad and everything was madness. It made my mind tricky and something evil was trying to stop me. - Our First custom story so leave comment what did u like and what u did not. It helps us to improve.

The_Furfather says

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Pretty decent custom story.

A few things you may want to look out for:

- paintings in kitchen are either floating/ embedded in wall

- storage enemies could be 'zoned' (I could leave the area immediately upon encounters, thus removing them upon exit - perhaps look into locking the player in storage and throw another key into the workroom to leave? You might have to make the entire area bigger, so the enemies could still leave/ player could navigate around patrols)

- workroom jump-scare sound was really lame

- warehouse key? Did I miss extra content where that key was supposed to be used?

Other than that, level design was okay, spelling/grammar on notes was decent and readable overall. Keep up the good work. I look forward to more stories from you.

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