It's the starting adventure of Commander Keen. In this episode he flies in the space, but in the meantime his Bean-With-Bacon Megarocket starts to get frozen and crashed. He cannot do anything, but landing. Later he checks his computer wrist, which shows he is on Pluto, but in the meantime some guardian yetis surround the megarocket. On arriving back Keen sees they are waiting for him and are requiring a parking permit card.

To get this parking permit card, Keen must go through frosty, snowy igloos and fortresses or he will be printed to Pluto forever!


  • enjoyable plutonian environment
  • Keen's very first weapon, the ice gun
  • 16 fully playable levels
  • some friendly, some harmful creature
  • the parking permit card (that's guarded by the boss yeti)
  • exciting story (as you can read above)
  • frosty and snowy colours
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Good news, good progress


The good news is I'm automatically working on this game mod (whenever I have time and I'm in the mood) and I'll (try to) put some easter eggs in. Moreover the enemies are fully done as well, but I still have to give them special names.

Another good news is the story of Keen 0 happens before Keen 1, but also follows it, so this game mod won't just be a simple "nothing".

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Keen 0 - version 1.21

Keen 0 - version 1.21

Full Version

This is an update to Keen 0, which contains many several slight fixes, tweaks, changes.

Keen 0: Printed to Pluto - version 1.1

Keen 0: Printed to Pluto - version 1.1

Full Version

Here's Keen 0: Printed to Pluto version 1.1. Released on 9th of June, 2014.

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