Request : Diablo Hellfire 1.01 - Made for Solo MultiPlayer Mod + Swap Adira with Ogden + Swap Writ with Gillian + Move Portals to Stone in Town + Remove 14 Shrine + Remove Bad 12 Prefix and 21 Suffix

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KDG-D1HF ChangesLog "Release Version's" for V020 To V021.

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KDG-D1HF Release Version 0.21

+ Remove (5) "Unwanted" Shrine From MultiPlayer and then put them inSingelPlayer:
+ Shrine-Name:

[Name] || [Effect]
Magical || Casts mana shield on the player. (No effect if mana shield already active.)
Spiritual || Fills all empty inventory slots with small amounts of gold.
Stone || Recharges all staves equipped and in inventory.
Shimmering || Instant Mana Refill {Cryptic does same thing but can help you}

Sparkling || Player is hit by electrical charge, and gains 1000 experience
per dungeon level (1000) on level (1), (2000) on level (2), etc.)

KDG D1HF 021

KDG-D1HF Release Version 0.20

+ Info: Less Click on Shrine and get cursed by it.

+ Remove (9) "Bad" Shrine from MultiPlayer and then put them in SingelPlayer.

+ Shrine-Name:

[Name] || [Effect]

Fascinating || Firebolt (+2) spell levels, (-10%) mana permanently

Hidden || (-10) durability to one item, (+10) to othersHoly || Activates a phasing spell (Teleport to random location on screen.)

Ornate || Holy Bolt (+2) spell levels, (-10%) mana permanently

Holy || Teleports player randomly

Sacred || Charged Bolt (+2) levels, (-10%) mana permanently

Secluded || Completes the auto-map of the current level

Spooky || Full rejuvenation potions for other players

Tainted || (+1) to a random stat of the player touching the shrine

(-1) to all stats of the other players in the game.

Murphy's || (1) in (3) chance of damage to an item, or takes away (1/3) of your gold

KDG D1HF 020

KDG D1HF 020

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