This mod is simply a retelling of Act 1 and Hanako's arc with a different character in Katawa Shoujo. THIS IS NOT AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE AND PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION!!!!!

elek2008 says

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So I don't like these kinds of games, these "Graphic novels". Now I do love to read, but I don't like romance stories. (Ignore my romeo/Juliet book on my desk). But I do like this one to an extent. Personally I would give this maybe a 5 or 6 but I am thinking about if I did like GN games and Romance novels. I think this mod go's past the game and it does have a lot of work into it. The story is nicely re-written so that it follows the original path but is somehow completely different. This shows potential of a great writer who could perhaps make his own book or maybe even his own graphic novel (add bloody battles! er um ignore that) and either continue this story or something entirely different. My only complaint was Kenji wasn't given a large horse dong.

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