This mod is simply a retelling of Act 1 and Hanako's arc with a different character in Katawa Shoujo. THIS IS NOT AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE AND PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION!!!!!

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Love-Hawk says

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A nice mod. I would like it if the author added the Shizune path to it though.


Ryderdeath says

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A really nice mod. Mods for this game is rare, even more rare is a mod that surpasses the original game. It might not include all the character paths but the one it does is simply amazing. The new character is much more emotional than the original. And his thoughts more intriguing. Overall its very nice. I hope the author reads my review.


elek2008 says

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So I don't like these kinds of games, these "Graphic novels". Now I do love to read, but I don't like romance stories. (Ignore my romeo/Juliet book on my desk). But I do like this one to an extent. Personally I would give this maybe a 5 or 6 but I am thinking about if I did like GN games and Romance novels. I think this mod go's past the game and it does have a lot of work into it. The story is nicely re-written so that it follows the original path but is somehow completely different. This shows potential of a great writer who could perhaps make his own book or maybe even his own graphic novel (add bloody battles! er um ignore that) and either continue this story or something entirely different. My only complaint was Kenji wasn't given a large horse dong.


DBZboi says

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Poorly drawn, shoddy story, almost sounds like the guy just really wanted to throw himself into the game.....not something made for the outside world!


Secret_Coming says

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I really liked this mod, altough there were some things I would like to point out. There will be light spoilers for chapter 1 and heavy spoilers for chapter 2. So, really, play the mod before, it's really worth it and you will just break your experience if you read this.

This also reviews the chapter two.

Ok my opinion about this mod is that I really liked it, I mean, I haven't found a mod for this game of such quality ever, even if it's only for 1 route. (I only played the good route, so please sorry me if I didn't saw what happened).

On this mod, there is: new story, new plot, and etc, all put togheter to make such an wonderful experience.

Altough some may know that the character is the original creator, if you want to know the full story I advise you to go and ask him (well, he is only going to say to you if you get to be his friend).

But why is this missing a 1 out of 9?

Well I noticed some things:

Missing CG's on an particular scene (altough I don't reall mind this, Charus promised a patch but I haven't seen it)

English errors (such as wierd, and stuff, but Charus said if you can understand he don't give a **** lol xD)

Plot Twist (Altough the chapter 2 use prealpha elements, he did a total of 12+ month skip, and Charlie [on game] never mentioned any new year thing or stuff, which gives me a lot of agony. Also, the Lilly bed scene makes NO SENSE if you think about it.

Ok it's ok the new version and stuff, but Charus should have at least mentioned stuff on chapter 2 to remove some plot twists.

Hanako Sex Drive:

I mean, on chapter 1 hanako and Charlie were all "oh we can't have sex this and that I only had sex to love you" and on chapter 2 they have sex every moment. I mean WTF even if this was on prealpha it was a prealpha thing, not this story thing. (hanako could at least have said "I want it" instead of "I think I'm ready"

Sorry but, this mod made me ******* red of laughing some times. Even if it was unintentional.

So this is my review! I hope we see more in the future (such as catspaw mod: ) or someone else's mod!
(Tip: about me and charus, we will hold a surprise for april.)

ALSO: I got really ****** about moddb that like there was only 2 votes for 1 and 5+ votes for 8+, and the main score is 6.1. What the ****! (Charus also mentioned some guys who don't like him did a bad review about this... oh well.


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