"If we were to choose one mod to convince you to reinstall Max it would be this one." - PC GAMER. Katana draws you into the violent and chaotic world of an Assassin on the run: - from his Order; from the shattered remains of his past; and from the haunting screams of the countless people he's murdered. Competing for his severed head are the very people he used to work with - Mercenaries, Assassins, Ninja, and good old fashioned Psychopaths. The worst mankind has to offer. Heavily influenced by popular Japanese Anime and recent movies such as Kill Bill; Katana combines Max Payne's stylish Bullet-Time with stunning, yet brutal, bladed-weapon combat. Developed by Maddieman and StratonAce, with help and support from Kenneth Yeung, Katana lifts the Max Payne engine to new heights and takes the player to new levels of pain.

flippedoutkyrii says

9/10 - Agree Disagree

Hard, brutal and intense action!

The new effects really brought the fighting to life and the gore was over-the-top! Slicing through hordes of enemies has never been so much fun!

However, it can be punishingly difficult for some players and many of the firearms you pick up are useless against many opponents, but if you want a violent mod with plenty of content to offer, then look no further :)

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