Kane's Wrath Unofficial Patch 1.04 is a big bang patch that will try to balance the game a bit more from my and the community ideas and at the same time will try to save the most import ingredient: The "fun".

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Thanks again for your suggestions, after some edits I hope that the BH's Commandos are *hopefully* a bit more unique now.

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TW Nod Commando 1 Concept Art 1

The end of an era~

Thanks again for your suggestions, after some edits I hope that the BH's Commandos are *hopefully* a bit more unique now.

Looking on the feedbacks I thought it may be the best to go with something in-between options 1 and 2,

To give BH a sniper commando that can deals a bit more damage to infantries and vehicles than the normal commando, and have longer range, But also slower fire rate and area of attack ability with medium range over C4,

While also let to BH to still have the normal commando which completes the Sniper one in terms of rate of fire and close range C4 that destroys most vehicles in one-two shots (epic units required around 12+ C4s to dies).

The idea of having two commandos that completes each other's fields like few of you suggested; sort of sounded more right and unique to me, so I'll take it into a test run for now and we will see how things turn out...

Thanks again for your feedbacks and keep them coming :)


Tbh,I see what you are going with keeping the two Commandos policy from the vanilla,I was never a fan of that particular design choice from EA's prospective.

However,if you are indeed going for the duo,where one commando compliments the other,then I would suggest(if you haven't already)keep the sniper as you have her now and have the Black Widow(lel) one having a quicker rate of fire but deal half or less the damage of the sniper.

In addition,if possible,you could go with an aura like ability which affects the duo only.Like the one Fin and Alize have in Mental Omega.Together they are stronger.

Other than that,keep up the good work man!Looking forward to the new build!

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egozi44 Author

Thx mate,

About your suggestions:

The default commando's lazer took some small bits of HP from tier 1 units and didn't even scratched Tier 2/3 units (before it was changed in my mod to use C4s on them xP), while the Sniper commando can sort of scratch tier 2-3 units with her power's output (cause it's higher than the normal commando)

So I guess we already have something that is similar to what you suggested

The aura part sound interesting though, will think about it :)

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