Kane's Wrath Reloaded is a partial total conversion and balance mod for Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars designed to change and make gameplay the way it was meant to be played. Unlike the original Kane's Wrath expansion for CNC3, this mod for CNC3 will not be played under most KW current gameplay changes and conditions. New gameplay changes, edited content and most units imported from KW and C&C4; (yes, they are real) will add and combine to the strength of the new gameplay experience for this mod.

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This is the latest version of KW Reloaded, this time with a playable Kane on both portions of the mod!

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Finally a new version with some changes and the last of new units to be played. The face of the mod just happens to be the Kane unit, now playable in both STZOCOM and the BMRT (merge of BHMOK and ReaperTraveler mods) portions of the mod. Download links are at the top of this mod page.

Here are the version 1.2 changes.

STZOCOM portion:
• Fixed an issue using the Call for Transport ability to selected KW units and also applies to the MCV, Surveyor and the Rig (GDI faction only). All C&C4 units cannot call for transport.
• Added Kane and the Banshee to the NOD faction. Kane requires Secret Shrine and Temple of Nod to be built. Banshee requires Tiberium Liquidation Facility to be built.
• Added Mirage Tank to the ZOCOM faction as a tier-4 unit requiring Reclamation Hub. It is stealthed and is equipped with an invisible cloaking field that can make nearby units stealthed without using the ability. All art files are imported from RA3 and re-modified by myself with additional shaders. XML coding modified for C&C3 by myself. (via the source code from Challenger13 for the stealth ability)
• Added Conductor to the Steel Talons faction as a tier-4 unit requiring Reclamation Hub. It fires EMP grenades with a cooldown of 4 seconds and can also impact garrisoned structures.
• Added Zone Howitzer and Zone Stalker (replacing ZOCOM Commando) to the ZOCOM faction as a tier-3 unit requiring Tech Center.
• Added Patriot Missile Battery to the ZOCOM faction as a tier-3 structure. Added Falcon MLRS to the ZOCOM faction as a tier-4 structure requiring Space Command Uplink.
• Steel Talons Wolverine, WatchTower and Riflemen Squad will have AP Ammo when built without the upgrade.
• Steel Talons Kodiak vision and shroud clearing range increased. Added leadership buff to nearby units.
• ZOCOM WatchTower, Riflemen Squad and Hammerhead will have AP Ammo when built without the upgrade.
• ZOCOM Slingshot and AA Battery will have upgraded Tungsten AA Shells when built without the upgrade.
• Cancelled: Zone Predator with rockets is not needed due to new units more usable than this modified unit. However, it will be planned to use it in an expansion mod to C&C3.
• Known issues:
- You have to manually set a weapon to load for all GDI factions of the Firehawk before attacking.
- ZOCOM ground units cannot use the call for transport ability when Airfield is built.
- Mastodon still requires manual control to attack units and structures since it cannot attack automatically.
- Tires disappear when the Mirage Tank is moving.

BMRT portion:
• Fixed an issue using the Call for Transport ability to selected KW units and now this also applies to the MCV and the Emissary (does not apply to C&C4 units).
• Fixed some balance changes and other xml codings. Also added some missing sound effects.
• GDI can now build walls. No other new changes applied to this faction in this version of the mod.
• All Nod factions should have walls buildable and be extended with its wall span ability.
• All Nod factions: Refinery requires Power Plant to be built.
• NOD Infantry built times modified involving new infantry units.
• Added Banshee to all NOD factions. Cost is 2400/24 and requires Tiberium Liquidation Facility. Like the Stormrider unit, it does not need to reload its ammo back to the hangar.
• Added Kane into NOD and Marked of Kane factions. (That’s right; it’s the real Kane unit.) Kane will be equipped with heroic veterancy, leadership buff, auto-healing, C4 explosives (buildings only), mind control (units only), rage generator, EMP blast and call for transport. A tier-4 unit requiring Temple of Nod and Secret Shrine, his stealth, high health/armor and moderate speed can’t stop anyone on the battlefield as long he’s the Messiah. (rage generator and EMP blast abilities are not working yet)
• Added Tyrant Tank into the Marked of Kane faction. Weapon is similar to the Cyborg Reaper unit but more powerful. Also it can use the EMP blast ability and can also crush infantry with ease.
• Black Hand Shredder Turret and Elite Confessor Cabal (the other new unit to BH faction) will have charged particle beams when built without the upgrade.
• Black Hand Purifier and Black Hand Squad will have purifying blue flame throwers when built without the upgrade. Currently the Black Hand Flame Tank is not equipped with that yet.
• MOK Shredder Turret and Venom will have supercharged particle beams when built without the upgrade. (The Enlightened are already equipped with them.)
• MOK Attack Bike and Rocket Bunker will have Tiberium core missiles when built without the upgrade.
• MOK Cyborg Reaper moved into the infantry build queue. Model size is now a bit smaller.
• Cancelled: Nod Flame Tower into Black Hand faction. Primary model works but the weapon bone(s) issue led to a invisible firing mishap. The same fate may happen on getting blue flames to work for the BH Flame Tank.
• All Scrin factions: Extractor requires Reactor to be built.
• Infantry built times modified. Buzzers 300/5, Disintegrators 500/8, Assimilator 500/10.
• All Harvesters and Mantas can now use the ability to combine/uncombine buzzers.
• Reaper-17 Gun Walker will have Tiberium shards when built without the upgrade. Cost is 800/8.
• Reaper-17 Shard Walker will have blue shards when built without the upgrade. Cost increased to 1100 from 800 and now will be built as tier-2 with higher health.
• Reaper-17 Photon Cannon will have shard launchers when built without the upgrade. Cost increased to 1400/14.

Also in today's release, you can also play C&C3 with the original 1.0 changes in the C&C3 Original mod, well mostly on the buffed economy. You can find the download link in Moddb.

KW Reloaded delta version 1.3 isn't far away. Expect that to be released sometime next week.


Thank you for this great mod!

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