Jurassic Rage is an episodic, team-based, dinosaur infested modification for Unreal Tournament 2004. We are undertaking the challenge to incorporate fun gameplay with a realistic world and an evolving storyline into one well-tested and balanced package released every 30 days. Every month a new version will be released, each one with as many new features as possible, exposing new story plots and allowing you to experience them ingame. Fun and gameplay are top priority in JR:Evolution, therefore if some element isn't fun enough, we'll keep working on it until it will be good enough. Your feedback is invaluable to us and we will consider any and all ideas you post. Jurassic Rage merges single-player and multiplayer. We have multiplayer gametypes that can be played like missions in a single player game, except that you can play them on any map that supports it, not just one.

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How shit is it to be a fan of something, honestly. And when I say ‘fan’ I don’t just mean a small fondness of something. I mean constant surveillance on obsessed ‘thing’. I’m talking about a true follower, a devoted person, someone with an obsession. Let’s face it, we’ve all been a huge

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How shit is it to be a fan of something, honestly. And when I say ‘fan’ I don’t just mean a small fondness of something. I mean constant surveillance on obsessed ‘thing’. I’m talking about a true follower, a devoted person, someone with an obsession.
Let’s face it, we’ve all been a huge fan of something or another. Myself, I’ve been a fan of several things. Star Wars, Nintendo, Back To The Future, Eminem, Quentin Tarantino and the opposite sex. But where does being a fan get us? Really lets be truthful with ourselves, what good has come of us being fans of anything? Do we ever believe we’re going to meet that special someone we’ve been obsessing over, or that the company we love and cherish will shower us with one of a kind merchandise just because of our support? Of course we’d all like this to be true but we all know it’s far from the truth and firmly planted of fantasy land where the houses are made of chocolate.
The only good thing about being a fan is the fact you’ll probably receive news quicker than everyone else. Whilst those idiot ‘normal’ people are going about their lives your reading news papers, refreshing web pages and scouring forums to find out the latest news on your obsession.

Apologies and excuses.. That’s something us true fans do A LOT! Many a time I’ve been on a forum and someone has called Nintendo ‘kiddie!’ Oh how us Ninty fans jump to our guns shooting down such remarks. “They’re not kiddie!”. We cry, claiming that just because Nintendo make colourful games where you bounce on people’s heads to kill them. “Just because you shoot things does not make it adult or mature”. But deep down we know it to be true, we know Ninty caters more for the younger audience but realistically does that matter anyway? After all isn’t it just a game after all? Aren’t all these consoles simply a means to have fun? But that’s besides the point, I’m getting sidetracked now!

Being a fan is thankless task alright, yet we all continue to do it. The only person/people who get something out of it is the person/people who is receiving all of the fan praise or in some cases the fans uproar.

To some extent we as the JR team feel honoured that you guys have stuck around and continued your support and we understand our responsibility as it were to keep you guys happy. Now don’t be thinking that we believe you to be obsessed loons mad for JR but to stick around for as long as some of you guys have means so much to us. Which is why I’m writing this.
I don’t want you guys to think we’re either not doing anything or that we have a god complex where we believe we’re too good to post news to you cause that’s a lie.
When I see threads saying “Ok this is getting stupid” I don’t get angry or feel upset with the person. Instead I sympathise with them. After the comments made were (Although not accurate) were truly spoken.

We haven’t posted news in how long? No media since when?
All valid things to be questioned. After all you guys don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes because we haven’t said anything. And why haven’t we said anything?
As you might have guessed I can’t continue with that line of thought as I will blurt out something I shouldn't. HOWEVER let it be known we are working away and hopefully when the day comes you will be happy but we’re working at it to make you the happiest you could possibly be, which means making you wait unfortunately.

That’s all from me anyway, I’ve said my bit lol


what an odd news update... Nice to know your not dead :) Mod Making is a hard process, its an everyday work effort. Im sure your talking and coordinating stuff with at least a few people a day. I mean sure, you could release an image or two every week. But that wouldnt truely wow anyone. But now of course, waiting so long. you've built it up, so it better be good when it comes. Or you may have your community saying "that's it?

But i have confidence in you folks that it wont be like that. You're dedicated, and as long as the mod gets done, thats all that truely matters. And this comes from a fan, not an obsessive fan though. I guess im interested, not impatient :P I just now, that whenever it does come out, i'll be in line to download it, no matter what media you release between now and then.

Cheers, and Good Luck.

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We rock.

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